Thursday, September 6, 2018

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week: September 5, 2018

That's a nice Superman you drew there, Jim
You Can't Handle the Covers

From famine to feast around here! Last week, I struggled to put together a list, and this week, my list runneth other. Sure, I could staple another piece of paper to the bottom and add more covers, but how cumbersome is that? And I don't even own a stapler. No, best to keep it to the slim n' trim five covers I always do, plus one I jammed here just for the fun of it.

 The Dreaming #1
Jae Lee
Here's something from your most tender nightmare, a fairy tale version of something very cruel and unwanted. Jae Lee draws like Jae Lee, and this is precisely the type of picture he should be drawing. The near-negative space draws your eye, but once you start scrutinizing that crescent moon...yeesh.

 Deathstroke #35 variant
Francesco Mattina
Oh yeah. Give it to me. Give me that saturated acrylic look I need, Make it glossy. Unh. Yeah that's what I like. Show me your streaks. SHOW ME YOUR STREAKS! Otherwise this is a nice picture of two friends hugging.

 Nightwing #48 variant
John Romita Jr. & Danny Miki
"What poses do you think the action figure should have?" "Well, he should be standing with his escrima sticks, maybe one over his shoulder." "Uh huh. What else?" "Umm, how about him like, peddling a bicycle?" "Keep going." "Also that Russian Cossack dance, where you squat and kick out your legs in time." "Perfect. Draw it up and send it to the toy guys. I'm gonna play golf."

 Green Lanterns #54 variant
Chris Stevens
Whoa! Uh...heh, I don't normally lose my composure when I see a comic book cover, but this one is just too sweet. It's the cover to a sci-fi mass market book I desperately want to read. All of it, so dynamic, the negative space at the edges...this is a classy comic book cover folks. I guess this must be the one in the top spot! So long everyone!

Green Arrow #44 variant
Kaare Andrews
What th...?! Another cover? Yes, this Green Arrow variant just hits the mark when it comes to comic book covers. I mean it's right on target. It's a real bullseye. No but the negative space and centered Ollie firing right at you makes this a real gem of a honey. I would have made Oliver a little bigger, but it still works well.

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