Wednesday, September 5, 2018

United States vs. Murder Inc. #1 Review

Hit Gal

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Michael Avon Oeming
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: September 5, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99

I am really hoping the third time is a charm for me and these Jinxworld books.  I thought Pearl was interesting enough, but I had no idea whatsoever what was going on in Scarlet  So, here I am about to review United States vs. Murder Inc. #1 and I'm wondering if I'll get the Bendis who thinks everyone has been hanging on his every word for over 15 years or the Bendis who thinks he is down with the pulse of the streets.  Maybe both...I hope neither.  Let's see what we get...

We open with a man falling to his death and a narration about what he may have been thinking.  It is interesting enough, though it takes too many pages for the end result.  Things pick up a bit when we meet Jagger, the man's daughter and her Uncle Jake.

The two head off to pay a visit to the man that pushed Jag's father off the building and the little girl gets medieval on his ass.  It's all part of a sick, twisted initiation into the "life" and a test to see if you have the balls to do what you have to do.  She definitely has the balls!

We then go through some training as well as a cool little bit where Jake tells Jag she has to be the Jackie Robinson of female enforcers...the first can't mess all!  I hope the Jackie Robinson comparison hits with the younger set, but my real worry is Jag is just a knock-off Hit Girl.  Bendis seems to think it's edgy for a 12-year-old to say "fuck", but I hear mine say it at least ten times a day playing Fortnight.  And that's when he knows I'm listening!

We continue with Jagger a little older and ready to take her final test and it looks like it's going to be a brutal one.  Of course, Bendis leaves the readers hanging to get them to come back and I will tell you, I will be back.

Now, this is how you do a #1 issue!  I understand the story, I like the characters and it ends with me wanting more.  I wasn't that hip on the art at the beginning of the issue but by the end, I was hooked.  I am sure some will think it's too "cartoony" for this type of story, but it makes the reader focus on the characters and that's the draw here.  Yes, I want to learn more about the overall story that's hinted at in the various previews and interviews I've read, but for now, I am content to hang with Jagger and root her on.

Bits and Pieces:

This is my favorite Jinxworld book so far.  The story and art are simple enough to jump into, but both end up showing more complexity by the end.  Sure, some may be taken aback by the language and violence, but neither bother me as long as I am invested in the characters and the story.  I was and I look forward to continuing reading this book.



  1. I was expecting Irv Gotti, Ja Rule, Ashanti, and Black Child. I was sorely disappointed.

  2. Okay, THIS one looks interesting. Thanks for the great review!