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The Adventures of Superman #485 (1991) - "Out of the Mist" Review

Writers: Jerry Ordway
Artists: Tom Grummett, Doug Hazelwood
Cover Price: $1.00

This is the fifth issue and conclusion to the Blackout story arcSuperman and Mr. Z have been zapped with everything the Metropolis power grid had, leaving them without any memories of who they are and causing Metropolis to lose all of its power. While riots and chaos fill the streets back home, Supes and Z washed up onto Dinosaur Island where they were taken prisoner by a group of Neanderthals. In the last issue (Superman #62), Lois Lane and the Guardian arrive just in time to stop Superman's wedding to the Neanderthal king's daughter.

It appeared that Lois' kiss had revived Superman's memory but it did not. He just liked it. However, he's more than willing to go to Metropolis with his new acquaintances so they can revive his memory. But he's not too happy about the trash they're talking about his fellow amnestic friend, Mr. Z.

After it's pointed out that they won't be able to find their way back to the island, Superman agrees that Mr. Z, who ran off in the last issue, should stay. But only because he likes it on the island and not for the things he's done in the past. 

Bye-bye, Mr. Z. You're the best part of this arc. Bye-bye, Lola-la. You hoe.

After a page of showing Jimmy Olsen's current problems, the Whiz Wagon makes it to Hamilton's lab where the group is greeted by Dubbilex. Lois is immediately concerned that a telepath is involved because they'll be able to tell Superman's identity, but Dubbilex tells her telepathically that the secret is safe with him. They get Superman in a chair to begin.

".. for together we shall discover the memories buried deep within these walls."

Superman keeps busting through walls within his mind like he did in Part 1 (The Adventures of Superman #484). Dubbilex follows behind him and believes the walls are mental barriers build to respond to mental invasion. Then they reach the door to the Fortress of Solitude.

Dubbilex keeps appearing as different villains and Superman keeps beating him up, but more and more his memory returns to him. The beatings stop when Dubbilex appears as Mr. Z.

He flies into the Fortress and sees some key memories of his life. Jonathon Kent giving him glasses and basically telling him that Clark Kent should be the disguise. Telling Lana he has to move to Metropolis. Revealing to Lois that he's Superman.

And suddenly he's back. Lois gives him a big smooch, again making Hamilton uncomfortable seeing an engaged woman doing such a thing to another man.

Hamilton locks up his lab, turns around, and his promptly arrested for starting the Metropolis blackout. But somebody bails him out...

Bits and Pieces

It's Grummett so naturally the art is great. The issue is a 7 and that's what I would give the entire arc. It's good but not classic worthy. It does make me want to see more of Mr. Z, though. Their dynamic is great and that Superman still thought of him as a friend after what they'd been through together was a nice thing to see instead of him just throwing it out of the window.


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