Thursday, January 24, 2019

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week: January 23, 2019

The Fifth in Fourth

Hey folks! I didn't do the list last week. The reasons why aren't important, what is important is that I am back to choose five of the best covers coming from DC Comics this week and type some blabber about them. Funny thing is, this week is pretty sparse for releases, while next week looks like an absolute deluge. So it's almost like the fourth week of this month is a fifth week in terms of releases, while the fifth week behaves more like the fourth! Get what I'm saying? No? Ahh, the hell witchyas.

 Freedom Fighters #2
Eddy Barrows
I wonder if there's a name for covers that look like this. "Hero gets swarmed by doppelgangers" or something. We've seen this a lot over the years, and from a technical standpoint it looks like a mess, but crammed scenes like this work in comics. Imagine getting this thing to color? That'll need a stiff drink.

 Batman #63
Mikel Janin
I wonder if this is the first time Mikel Janin has won an award for artwork? Here's another composition that is hideous, but because it is reminiscent of paperback books and movie posters, it gets a pass. Also because it is meticulously rendered. Initially, I saw the purple color palette as a deficit, but now I think it's pretty striking. It would probably peek out on the stands more than other comics.

 Batman #63 variant
Tony S. Daniel
Two covers from the same issue...that's rare. It usually means either there was a big book with a zillion variants to choose from, or a week with very few decent covers in the mix. This week, it's the latter instance. A good ol' triumphant Batman from Tony Daniel's pen is never unwelcome, and this cover is certainly striking, but it's essentially a pin-up. Thankfully, DC left the series logo off this one, so go ahead and pin it up on your wall!

 Aquaman #44 variant
Rafael Albuquerque
This is sort of more sketchy style from Albuquerque, but considering it's an underwater shot, and the perfectly-executed blue tone of the thing, it looks terrific. Of course, it is essentially a pin-up as well. But it's a cool pin-up. Something about how the five-dent is shaded, makes it seem like it has a lot of heft.

Teen Titans #26 variant
Alex Garner
Bright-ass yellow cover that will catch the consumer's eye? Check. Cool-looking character that could be mistaken for his television counterpart? Check. Anything connecting this to the contents of the comic besides featuring this character? Er, not really. But cool-looking character pointing and winking at the reader? Check!

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