Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Lucifer #4 Review and **SPOILERS**

It's Not a Toomuh... okay, maybe it is

Written By: Dan Watters 
Illustrated By: Max Fiumara & Sebastian Fiumara 
Colors By: Dave McCaig 
Letters By: Steve Wands
Cover Price: $4.99 
On Sale Date: January 23, 2019

Is it Lucifer Week already?  Man, the holidays really screwed up my internal calendar.

After being pretty completely lost issue, I gotta say it up front... I don't have the highest of hopes for this issue.  Hopefully I can be proven wrong!

There's this thing about "Part Fours" (which I can't seem to shut up about these days.  So often in these days of decompressed six-part stories, the fourth part is usually designated as the "catch up" chapter.  Usually consisting of the main characters all sitting around sharing a whole boatload of information about what happened in the prior three issues.  They're usually a complete and utter waste.

So, did Lucifer #4 consist of characters hanging around exchanging exposition?  Well, yeah... but here's the thing, the exposition they shared was... all new information!  That's right, after a few issues of nearly incomprehensible storytelling (at least to me), we get an info-bomb the likes of which I certainly wasn't expecting... and lemme tell ya, it's not a moment too soon!

From the moment John Decker and his Cousin-in-Law planned their motel pow-wow last issue, I was hopeful that that would be the scene to bring this entire thing together... and it did a fairly good job at doing just that.  There are still several questions waiting to be answered... and much of the actual Lucifer-centric bits are particularly cryptic, but the breadcrumbs we're given here go a long way toward improving my confidence in this book.

We learn a bit about Penny Decker's past, and her (and her cousin's) connection to Lucifer and the Gately House... also, also a bit about just what Stately Gately really is!

After learning everything we did here, I'm more willing to give the creative team the benefit of the doubt moving forward... even if the reveal wasn't the sort of thing I was hoping for.  Around the third time I read the word "Coven", I started to gag.  That's just me though, that kinda story does nothing for me... but I can't rightly hold that against this book.

Bits and Pieces:

A particularly strong info-heavy chapter... and it's not a moment too soon!  After three issues of difficult to follow storytelling, we are finally given a bit of context to help fill in the how's, why's, when's, and who's.


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