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Superman #62 (1991) - "Wedding Daze" Review

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artists: Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding, Glenn Whitmore
Cover Price: $1.00
Release Date: October 22, 1991

This is Part 4 of the Blackout story arc. Superman and Mr. Z have been zapped with everything the Metropolis power grid had, leaving them without any memories of who they are and causing Metropolis to lose all of its power. While riots and chaos fill the streets back home, Supes and Z washed up onto Dinosaur Island where they were taken prisoner by a group of Neanderthals. After Superman got some action from the king's daughter, Superman: Man of Steel #6 ended with a suprise wedding.

We start the issue with a split page. Superman being stunned that they're making him marry this girl, and a kinda hot pic of Lois Lane hanging upside down about to bust out of her shirt. Guardian's Whiz Wagon is getting more and more out of control as they get closer to the island, and it doesn't help that they're being harassed by pteranodons. Then a pleisiosaur comes out of the water and tries to eat them but they're able to dodge it and keep flying.

Wow. That is a really lame reason why they suddenly know where Superman is. Anyways, they make it to the island and Guardian uses a camera on the Whiz Wagon to find Superman, and he guns it when he sees a wedding ceremony.

After they land the wagon, the group runs towards the wedding ceremony with Hamilton wondering why the heck Supes is hanging out with Mr. Z. When it's obvious that both have been struck with amnesia, Lois tries to jog his memory... until Lola interferes and starts a fight.

Back in Metropolis, Lex Luthor Jr. uses his skills to get the city's power back and perhaps make friends with Perry White, who makes it well known that he hates Jr's late father.

We also see Gangbuster and Thorn, who are now fighting looters together, meet lame-o Agent Liberty.

K, get back to the island, thanks!

Hamilton gets in Mr. Z's face and blames all of this on him. Of course Z doesn't know what he's talking about so he storms off, only to stumble across some dinosaurs and start a stampede heading right to the village.

Superman uses his heat vision to light some fires and scare away the dinosaurs, while Guardian is stunned that a triceratops could dent his shield. The Neanderthal lady that Hamilton saved picks up his glasses and can now see clearly, Z finds himself on a beach and puts on an abandoned Gilligan hat next to the shipwreck of a boat called the S.S. Minnow (har-dee-har), and Lois wonders that if a kiss works in fairy tails then it might work in real life.

Bits and Pieces

Coming off of a great issue, which was written by Louise Simonson, this Dan Jurgens written and drawn issue is nothing special and some things in it just leave you scratching your head. Which is disappointing because I love me some '90's Jurgens, and the cover is an iconic one from my own childhood.


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