Friday, August 23, 2013

Constantine #6 Review

When last we saw our chain smoking, baron of bastards....Oh yeah he's about to die. Chris, Constantine's little friend who he got killed* (Way back in issue 1. ES) has been waiting for Constantine in the astral plane for his revenge. But sadly even on the astral plane Chris doesn't stand a chance.

Elsewhere at the temple of the Cold Flame. A bunch of people sit around chanting before they pass the Kool Aid around. Sargon, and Mister E come to tell the leader of the Cold Flame, that Constantine is about to die, and that they should mark him as one of theirs before he does. The Cold Flame send out some monsters to take care of the body. The monsters show, and Lloyd the bartender is forced to fend them off, as Constantine fights off Chris who has gained some power from some people he shouldn't have. But before he can show off his new power, the Cold flame monsters that attack his body also come for his spirit. The "fetches" grab Chris, and spirit him away, but Constantine knows all the tricks and forces them back.

Meanwhile back at the fight at "The Joint", Papa Midnight shows up to beat the monsters back, and against his better judgement decides to revive Constantine. As Papa Midnight voodoos, the leader of the Cold Flame uses Constantine being out of commission to find out where he hides all his special items. We end the book with the leader of the Cold Flame standing in a room that's obviously Constantine's happy place (it doesn't have a no smoking sign), full of artifacts.

Being a follow up to the great issue #5, it seems unfair. What could top Constantine, and Shazam in a issue together, and what could be better than Constantine being Shazam? But either way it's Constantine and you can't help but have fun, watching him be the asshole we love. Not a bad issue, but I hope for better next month.


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