Friday, August 23, 2013

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #3 Review

Continuing the Trinity War, we find our heroes fighting each other. They are all under the influence of the seven deadly sins, and Pandora can't find a way to stop them. The Sins hover around the chaos tormenting Pandora, telling her that they will only get stronger and that they will conquer the world and punish it, in the blessed name of Pandora.

Back in Maryland we see our side characters to Pandora, Agent Chang, and Agent Kincaid have tracked down Pandora's weapon maker Marcus Severin. They banter a bit about "how I ain't saying nothing", "Oh yes you are" blah blah. Ultimately they show Marcus video of Pandora blasting away with the guns he made, and they tell him that she is a super villain. Agent Chang, and Kincaid threaten to bring him in, unless he tells them where to find Pandora. Throughout the issue we see Pandora's past and how she trained through time, trying to find a way to understand, and finally stop evil. The last flashback, an old woman shows Pandora a spirit that is trapped in a bowl. The spirit looks like liquid, and the old woman says that you cannot touch it, pour it, burn it, etc. But you can see yourself in it.

Back at the evil superhero show down, Pandora is on the verge of giving up. When she realizes what the old woman meant about seeing herself in it. As Pandora rushes Envy, all the sins realize at once something has changed. As Pandora runs towards Envy she tells him all about all the people she knew throughout her life, all the things that they could do, and how it was all the things she couldn't do. As Pandora shoots Envy in the face repeatedly she tells him "I envy them." Pandora looks at the rest of the Sins and tells them she can explain how Envy is gone, but first she wants to know who's next.

Pandora #3 comes off a little flat. All that goes on is a little flash back, and the continuing fight from Justice League Dark #23. The only thing that really saved the issue for me was the last few pages that turned the book back to bad ass. Mostly this issue was hum drum but it did leave me wanting issue #4 so I guess it did it's job.


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