Friday, August 23, 2013

Justice League Dark #23 Review

Trinity War, Chapter Five

I have not been the biggest fan of the Trinity War so far.  With Villains Month looming on the horizon, I was hoping the action would pick up a bit with Justice League Dark #23.  It does, but is this actually a good thing?  Yes and no.

Justice League Dark #23 is full of action.  Everyone wants Pandora's Box and seems like they will go through anyone to get it.  Shazam versus Stargirl, Zatanna versus's a smorgasbord of awesome fights.  The Box is corrupting almost everyone in the DCU, and I mean everyone.  In the best page we see it effecting characters from canceled books and other Earths.  It really shows the span this event really has.

I really like Mikel Janin's art.  There are so many characters involved and he does a great job with all of them.  The action is intense and everything looks great.

What Justice League Dark #23 is missing is forward momentum.  Not much story progression, just great action.  I usually don't mind this, but it leaves a lot to be tied up in next weeks Justice League.  I have said it before, but I believe this event will read better as a trade then the individual issues.

Justice League Dark #23 has great action.  Everyone in the DCU seems to be fighting each other and it looks great.  What it does lack is story and plot beyond the action.  Next weeks Trinity War finale has a lot left to resolve.



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