Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Injustice : Gods Among Us #33 Review

Old Heroes never Die...or Do They?

The last few issues of Injustice have been fun.  Unfortunately, the fun ride had to end and it does in Injustice #33.  Last issue ended with Captain Atom detonating above Earth in an attempt to kill Superman.  It didn't work...and Superman is pissed.

Tom Taylor has done a great job with the story and characters in Injustice.  One of the standouts of the series has been Green Arrow.  His wisecracking, especially with Batman, has been a treat.  This issue shows what a hero Oliver really is.  Can an archer hope to take down the Man of Steel?  Maybe not, but that doesn't stop Green Arrow from trying to save the day.  It is a bitter sweet issue indeed.

Though not as great as last issue, Bruno Redondo does a fine job with the art.  Everything looks good, though nothing really stands out either.

Injustice : Gods Among Us #33 continues Tom Taylor's great streak.  Green Arrow shows what a hero does when he has no hope and Superman shows what a man does when he's pushed too far.  A sad moment in a tale full of sad moments to come.


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