Thursday, August 29, 2013

Larfleeze #3 Review

Last month I gave issue 2 a 3/10. I hated it, coming into this issue, that opinion was fresh on my mind. So for the first bit of this story we have a drawn out orgin story of The Wanderer. Remember the chick at the end of Larfleeze #2? If ya don't I don't blame ya, but don't come here looking for an explanation. Well it turns out that before StarGrave was kidnapped by Larfleeze The Wanderer had bought StarGrave from his previous master, and rightfully he is hers. So what's first on the agenda you may ask. Well let's start out with some castration jokes. Yep.....castration. So StarGrave wakes Larfleeze back up in a hurry, and the fighting continues.

So The Wanderer, and Larfleeze duke it out, energy style, and the whole base starts getting torn up. Which gets the attention of N'Odens. But Larfleeze apparently is capable of learning, because he doesn't just go balls to the wall. He straps N'Odens to a rocket construct and blasts him off into space. Now it's looting time. Oh and remember that big energy hound Lou, from last issue? Well he says about three sentences and The Wanderer blows him up. I kind of felt bad, but I hated him last issue. StarGrave pleads for Larfleeze to help him, but with so much shiny stuff around he decides against it. As StarGrave cries out, Larfleeze sends out the constructs of the Orange Lantern Corps.

The Wanderer feels that these creature that are energy, were also living at some point, and she has the power to reconstitute them. Now we have an interesting story. Living Orange Lantern Corps members. Oh and can you guess who isn't their favorite person? The Wanderer escapes with StarGrave and we're left with something that resembles something you might want to read. I can't believe it.

Surprisingly I'm not saying I'm dropping this book, like I thought I would when I started reading issue 3. Most of the book was rough to read but the ending really pulled it back from the brink. I guess at this point I'm on a month by month basis. If I get one more real stinker I'm done. It just really suffers from the same flaws as Threshold, and I really don't want that. Larfleeze could be a great title, but I think Keith Giffen isn't the man for the job. But if you want a good Keith Giffen title, go check out his ongoing run on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. He writes the hell out of that book. So shocked as I am, I guess I'll see ya back here next month for Larfleeze #4


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