Friday, August 30, 2013

All-Star Western #23 Review

Jonah Hex has escaped Gotham City and is on the run with Dr. Jeremiah Arkham.  They pull into a small town, meet a few of  the local ladies and get involved in a showdown with a revenge seeking homicidal maniac.  All in a day's work for our scar faced man out of time.

All-Star Western #23 is a really good story.  It may be in modern day Gotham, but it still reads like a Western.  In Fact, the modern setting really makes it fresh, fun and exciting. There are shoot outs, chase scenes and damsels in distress.  Jimmy Palmiotti and Just Gray really know what they are doing.

Jonah is not just a time traveling man, but a man whose honor and values are out of time.  In issue #23 we get to see more of the man and what he thinks about our society and it's great. He is a hero who shoots first when the situation dictates it and in the end, that gets him in hot water.  Speaking of the end, it looks like Batman and Jonah will finally meet face-to-face next issue.  I can't wait.

Moritat's art is ok.  I've been praising him for his work in modern Gotham, but this issue takes a step back.  Maybe it's the smaller scope, but it just doesn't look as good as it has.

Overall, All-Star Western #23 is a very good issue.  Jonah Hex shows he's an honorable man that will do what's right no matter the consequences.  While the art isn't as strong as it has been, the story more than makes up for it. 


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