Monday, September 2, 2013

Talon #11 Review

Talon #11 picks up with Calvin Rose fighting Bane on Santa Prisca.  With the help of Casy Washington's assassin friends, they are doing ok.  Meanwhile Casey is getting ripped apart by The Butcher in Gotham. 
Talon has had some problems recently.  After the end of its first main story arc it has really lacked direction.  This issue continues that downward trend.  Introducing Bane seemed promising but the execution has been weak.  Now we get  force fed Batman.  Throw in a Forever Evil twist at the end and this issue seems like a stepping stone for other books DC would rather you read.
Another thing that has been getting progressively worse is the art.  Szymon Kudranski takes over after producing some of the worst fill in art in Talon #10.  The effort here is just as bad.  I'm no artist, but I know what I like and this ain't it.  The sharp and angular style does nothing for the action and besides Bane, the characters look terrible.  I know that Guillem March's art spoiled me early on, but this book deserves better.
Talon was one of my favorite New 52 titles from the moment it was introduced.  Unfortunately,  the last few issues have not been good.  If things don't improve quick I'm afraid it will be canceled which is a real shame.  I wish I could recomend this issue, but right now I can't recommend the series in general.

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