Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Injustice: Gods Among Us #34 Review

Tom Taylor has done a superb job with Injustice and issue #34 is no different.  Superman has killed Green Arrow and instead of looking at himself, he blames Batman.  No matter what his Mother or both his Father's say, Superman will always hold Batman responsible for Lois' death. 
Meanwhile, Batman knows he must synthesize the super pill or everyone will die at the hands of the man of steel. 
This issue is an emotional one.  The Kent's and Jor-El beg Superman to come to his senses while Batman tries to solve the problem on his own.  Catwoman shows how much she loves Batman and he does the same in his own special way.  The big battle is on the horizon.
The story has been so good that I sometimes forget to mention the art.  Mike Miller's art is great.  Everything about this book is great.
Once again, Tom Taylor has produced an outstanding issue.  The emotional ride continues and we get to see how the feud between Superman and Batman is effecting everyone one around them.  Highly recommended.


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