Thursday, September 5, 2013

Justice League 23.1 Review

On the Darkseid

What I learned from Justice League 23.1 was that Darkseid is evil.  I know that's not a huge revelation, but it was actually nice to see it unfold.

Greg Pak does a great job with this origin story.  He shows how a measly farmer named Uxas through cunning and a black heart overthrew the Old Gods to become Darkseid.  What I liked best is that Pak shows that Darkseid is not just bad, but a pure evil intent on destroying the Universe with his brawn and brain.  He searches for worthy opponents so he can crush them.  He does this because he can.  This issue succeeds in setting up Darkseid for future issues that are sure to come.

The art team of Siqueira and Diaz do a great job here.  The Old Gods are Huge majestic beings that dwarf the world they rule over. Everything has a classic look that the subject calls for.

Justice League 23.1 is a very good issue.  While it can be debated that Darkseid's origin wasn't particularly needed, Greg Pak does a great job presenting it.  The art has a classic feel that the New Gods deserve.

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