Friday, September 6, 2013

Superman #23.1 Bizarro Review

How Bizarro

Superman #23.1 is the story of Bizarro, right?  It makes sense.  Bizarro is on the cover.  Bizarro's name is sprayed across the usual Superman header.  Yet, Bizarro isn't really in the issue.  Is this some trick to fool Bizarro loving fans into picking up the issue only to cry themselves to sleep in despair?  No, actually it's a pretty damn good Bizarro issue after all is said and done, even without him.

Lex Luthor hates Superman.  All brawn and no brains.  So, he decides to make his own Kryptonian-Human hybrid.  One that will be smarter and stronger than Superman with the added bonus of obeying Luthor's every whim.  With the help of a blood sample from the Man of Steel, he does just that.  Unfortunately, the experiment goes wrong and instead of creating a Superman for himself, he creates a giant "hulk" of a monster.   After an awesome battle where Lex pulls out all his big guns, he beats the monster using his greatest weapon, his intellect.  Failed experiment?  No.  Lex views it as more research towards his final goal.  The final goal being the B-0 project.  Nice.

Sholly Fisch really did a good job with this issue.  I know it's a little deceiving, but we are getting an origin of the Bizarro project.  It also makes me really excited to see how Bizarro turns out (and Lex's reaction to it) in the upcoming Forever Evil tie-in.

I also liked Jeff Johnson's art. It's a cartoony style, but it fits the mad scientist creating his monster story.  The color, however, was a little bland.  I would have liked a more vibrant palate for the issue.

Superman #23.1 was not what I expected, but ended up being very enjoyable.  The origin of the Bizarro project was a fun romp that Lex Luthor lovers will especially enjoy.  Whether hard core Bizarro fans will be pleased is another question, but I myself thought the issue was very good.


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