Thursday, September 5, 2013

Action Comics #23.1 Review and *SPOILERS*

It's like Cyborg, and Superman had an evil love child.

Oh Villains Month, how did you know I love Cyborg Superman?  Now for all of you who have read Supergirl #23, you know that this new incarnation of Cyborg Superman isn't our beloved Hank Henshaw, but is none other than Zor-El.  Calm down I know, but this could be good too.  Also calm down if you haven't read Supergirl #23, the header says spoilers for a reason.  Plus it's important to know this for the story.  Moving on.  This issue is a originesque story, but also plays into Cyborg Superman's need to find another as perfect as himself.  You know prior to said Supergirl issue.

We see the brotherly rivalry between Jor-El, and Zor-El on the final days of Krypton.  Obviously Jor-El does his thing, but Zor-El has a plan to save all of Argo and the people who inhabit the city by using Brainiac technology.  They have a "who's a bigger asshole" debate, and go their separate ways to see who mom loved more. (or who's science is better, either or)  Well we all know who was better, but what we learn from this story is that Zor-El and the other survivors, well survived for nine months inside their city after Krypton's explosion.  In his desporation Zor-El sends a signal to Brainiac seeking his help.  When Brainiac finally arrives Zor-El is the only one left alive.  Being upset, that the inferior brother is the only survivor, Brainiac decides to make him perfect.  Brainiac removes his memories, and alters his DNA, and RNA in order for Zor-El to resemble his brother, and implant him with Cybernetics, taking away all his weakness, and leaving only perfection.

After Cyborg Superman is born, Brainiac tells him to go out unto the universe and find other beings that are suitable for perfection, and bring them back to him.  Cyborg Superman finds himself on the planet of Kampara.  Their he downloads some folk's brains, and learns all the important stuff you'd need to know.  You know?  Perfection is not on the ground.  But he learns that a higher class lives above the surface.  Cyborg Superman flies up to find some rich dick holes, and kills them all.  Eventually the planet is pretty much destroyed, and all that is left is the military, and the last chance for perfection.  Their commander.  The commander tells the rest of his fleet to shoot down his ship in order to stop the enemy.  All hands lost.  Cyborg Superman is less than pleased in the lack of perfection, in self sacrifice.

Man do I love Cyborg Superman, and the New 52 version is not letting me down.  I was really worried when I saw that the new incarnation wasn't Hank Henshaw, but as of right now, well I'm still worried but this issue was a great Villain's Month installment.  We get some post Krypton back story of Zor-El, and the machinations of a newly formed Cyborg Superman.  The artwork is great, the story was interesting, all I can really say is, check it out.

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