Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Justice League Dark #23.1 The Creeper Review

Do the Creep...Ahhhh



The Creeper has gotten around the New 52.  He has appeared in Justice League International, Phantom Stranger and Katana.  I never found him interesting at all so this issue was not on the top of my must read pile.  Maybe I should have left it out of the pile completely.

Yes, this is the origin story of Jack Ryder and The Creeper.  It is also a damn mess of an issue.  Ann Nocenti has done it again. Dan Didio wrote the story, but Ann has turned it sour like only she can.  The plot jumps from Ancient Japan to present day San Francisco to the inside of the Soultaker sword.  Yes, the inside of Katana's blade.  None of it makes much sense and I really didn't care anyway.  What makes it even worse is how wordy the issue is.  Line after line of pure nonsense. 

The art does little to make it more bearable.  Seriously, Villains month is a huge event months in the making.  It is inexcusable to have three artists for one 24 page issue.  Maybe each got as bored as I was after a couple of pages and fell asleep to be replaced by the next, and so on and so on.

This issue is a mess.  Following the Trinity War event you would think that DC would want to keep what momentum Justice League Dark had gained.  Instead we get the origin story of a Villain no one cares about.  It truly is the answer to a question no one is asking.


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