Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Batman : The Dark Knight #23 Review

A Load of Clayface


Let's cut to the chase.  This issue of Batman: The Dark Knight sucked.    Yes, most of the other issues in the series have sucked to, but this is the suckiest suck who ever sucked.  All kidding aside, this issue did suck big time.

The Batman in Dark Knight is not good at his job.  In fact, you may say he sucks.  He visits insane villains and asks them to solve his cases.  He hits James Gordan across the face to see if he is Clayface and he needs the whole GCPD to dress up like Batmen to do his job. 

And what is with this Clayface?  He's a jewel thief and stock market terrorist who always kills his crew.  Seriously, who would ever work with this guy?  If he can assume others DNA as we have been told, why is he bothering stealing jewels?  A lot of questions and I'm not even sure I want to know the answers anymore.

The last thing I want to mention is Batman's force field containment gun.  When did he get that?  Why hasn't he used it on say...every villain he ever faced?  The Joker shows up, zap!  Captured in the force field.  The Riddler causes an issue, bang!  Force field.  The Penguin, ba-da-bing!  Killer Croc, ba-da-boom!  Just plain ridiculousness.  

On a happier note, Alex Maleev's art work is ok.  I'd say it was a highlight, but that compliment is getting old.  Anything but the story, characters and dialogue in this book could be called a highlight.

To say I hated this issue is an understatement.  The art is ok, but everything else is terrible.  Batman sucks at being Batman and the characterization of Clayface is ridiculous.  This issue is the best example of how NOT to end a story.  A fizzle would be a huge overstatement.  I am not looking forward to Clayface's Villains Month origin story and I could care less if another issue ever hits the stands.


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