Thursday, August 29, 2013

Teen Titans #23 Review

This issue starts up where last month's cliff hanger left us. Kid Flash is being pulled into a portal to the future. But not if Wonder Girl has anything to say about it. OH NO! she isn't strong enough. Well not if Bunker has anything to say about it. OH NO! He's getting pulled in too. Well not if Beast Boy has anything to say about it... yup this goes on with Solstice, and then Super Boy who disrupts the portal with his TK abilities. We get the old classic where every issue is someones first issue, so the whole team has to be reintroduced to the reader using a time portal tug o war scenario. Oh and after all the nonsense. we get a single page in the 30th century of the people trying to get him back, but no clues telling us why, or who they are. Boo.

So it seems this issue is just a nice calm breather after the last issues with the Trigon battles, because now we have time for Super Boy, and Wonder Girl to talk about their feelings. Guess what she's into Superboy. (she also says she'd bang Red Robin too. Awkward. Reminds me of Prom.) Oh and we also get Red Robin explaining to Raven, the backstory to all the members of the Teen Titans in tight little paragraphs. I wish he'd just have the decency to break the fourth wall. We all know who your talking to Red Robin. BAH! Oh and Solstice, and Kid Flash make up, and make out. (Remember kiddies last issue Raven spilled the beans on Wonder Girl, and Solstice making out with Red Robin. Yup there's Prom again.)

The issue ends with Bunker telling everyone that his lover Gabriel who's been in a coma is awake, and wants to see him, and that he plans on leaving the team to do it. Beast Boy says that he's going with him to make sure he gets there safe. Everyone watches as Bunker leaves, and we have a nice picture of the team seeing him off. But wait, just like the last issue, no Beast Boy. I don't know what it is, but it seems the creative team hates Beast Boy. Just like Chewbacca, no medal.

This issue is a little dull, but it's nice. I guess you can't ask teenagers to kick ass and take names all the time. For the most part the team is back together emotionally, and hopefully we can move on to more exciting stories. Like I said in the review, this is also an place for the creative team to annoyingly let the readers know who the characters are, and what they have done to get them here. Man I hate that. This is one of my favorite books, but it has been letting me down, I hope that after Villain's Month we can get back on track with interesting Titan stories.


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