Thursday, August 29, 2013

Justice League #23 Review

Well the final installment to the Trinity War is upon us. Let's get started. We learn that this all started five years ago during Darkseid's invasion. While the walls of this universe were weakened, two figures emerge. One being the leader of the Secret Society, the other is still a mystery for now. Back at the Temple of Hephaestus, the three teams finally meet up with Constantine, and Zatanna. But the corrupting power of Pandora's Box is still in effect. Constantine finds himself up against the entire might of all three teams. BOOSH!

But the bad ass image of that quickly fades when Batman gets a sling around the box, and everyone starts fighting among themselves once again. But new Lantern Simon Baz thinks he's up to snuff to take the box away from Batman. He is quickly schooled, and then completely overwhelmed when Superman decides to throw a pillar at him. Poor poor Simon Baz. The degenerating mental state of Superman continues and in a delusional rampage believes that when he dies, Wonder Woman will go back to Steve Trevor, or Batman. Superman knows what he must do. Kill the Batman. But before he can, Superman collapses. Wonder Woman is curious why the box is affecting Superman this way, but not the rest of them. Well remember back when Amanda Waller asked FireStorm to create Kryptonite? Well he can sense it now. Element Woman turns into oxygen and finds a sliver of Kryptonite inside Superman's brain. Ready for some revelation? The Atom sitting on Cyborg's shoulder tells them that she stuck it in Superman's brain during the JL vs. JLA battle in Kahndaq when she stabbed the sliver into the nerve it caused Superman to melt Dr. Light's face. But she also reveals that she isn't the only traitor, Cyborg is one as well. Cyborg's cybernetics come alive, and decide that the human parts are weak, and it will separate from it's weakness. the metal forms into a new being calling itself Grid.

While all this is going on The Outsider comes in and takes Pandora's Box. He explains to the groups that the box is actually from his world, and that only someone from his world can open it. A portal opens and a version of Aquaman (think of Aquaman in the 90's) comes through, but immediately collapses. Madam Xanadu explains that the real Trinity wasn't about Pandora, but it was really the true number of evil. Three, as in Earth 3. Through the portal the Crime Syndicate emerges. The Outsider is really Alfred from Earth 3, and he has been trying to bring his master Owl Man to this world. So for the most part all has been revealed, with what's left most likely being revealed in the continuation Forever Evil. The issue ends with the Crime Syndicate charging the heroes.

We have come to the end of our journey with the Trinity War, but we have found out that this was merely a stepping stone to take us into Villain's Month, and Forever Evil. For the most part I have enjoyed the entire six parts, and this issue is no exception. But as a whole, I think I'm a little let down, now maybe it was from all the Intro net spoilers, like the Crime Syndicate ending was leaked awhile ago. But like most crossover story arc, I always feel a little let down by the end. But that's probably just the awful fanboy in me. For what it was I enjoyed it, and I can't wait to see what Geoff Johns, and Jeff Lemire give us in the future.


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