Thursday, August 29, 2013

Batman Incorporated Special #1 Review

Deep in the Batcave, Batman goes over the Batman Incorporated case files. We start off with the Batman of Japan. Kids are gathered around an icy treats vending machine, trying to knock one of their cold goodies loose when the unexpected happens. They run across the street to Jiro's toy store to tell him what they found. Jiro investigates the machine to find a vacuum sealed severed hand. Batman of Japan is on the case. Contacting his side kick Canary, the duo's investigating leads them to a capsule hotel, where in they find the next victim. Through a secret chute Batman of Japan and Canary find themselves face to inside out face with Doctor Inside-Out. Using gas the Doc tries to knock them out, but what he didn't count on was the Japanese Bat gas mask. Realizing he will not will the fight, Doctor Inside-Out activates a robotic arm to grab Batman of Japan and pin him down in a disposal tube. As the countdown for the tube starts, Canary uses her sonic scream to jossel Doc Inside-Out's Insides out. Got that image? Batman of Japan switches with Doc In-Out, and the disposal tube launches him into the ocean. In the end the two heroes explain that they saved the baddie from being eaten by sharks, and got him to talk about who all his victims were, and all his associates. They got him to spill his guts. Nice.

The next case file we're given a look at is about Squire, in the days after Knight's death. The story shows us how Squire moves past her grief, by reminiscing about her and Knight's first meeting, and her becoming Knight's Squire. Then comes the drinks. Beryl goes to the pub "Time in a Bottle", where she talks to her friend the Mechanic, but she isn't ready to talk yet. The next day the Mechanic finds her, to tell her that Spring Heeled Jack is back in town. Squire wants a crack at this villain. During the fight, she realizes that Knight isn't truly gone, because he still lives on in all the things that he taught Squire over the years, and these teachings allow her to overcome Spring Heeled Jack. With this knowledge Squire knows what she needs to do. Knight needs to live on, and it will live on through her.

The next case file we're given a insight into Raven Red. While Raven Red, and Man Of Bats are chasing a criminal on a high rise that isn't completed yet, Raven Red remembers talking a man off the ledge of a casino. The man tells him about his past and how he used to work on high steel. The story becomes about men overcoming fear, and what they can accomplish. Leading to Red Raven taking down the criminal, standing out on the steel beams, and staring out onto the horizon.

This case file is a three way team up with Night Runner, Dark Ranger, and El Gaucho. While the three were enjoying a night out on the town, it was abruptly cut short, when everyone in the town became crazy. The three try to save innocents, and figure out what is causing the violent behavior. They locate a strange frequency on the other side of the city. Dark Ranger's jet pack runs out of fuel, at the same time the frequency starts to effect Night Runner. Dark Ranger realizes that his helmet was keeping him safe from the noise, but without his jet pack he will never be able to reach the source of problem. Dark Ranger gives Night Runner his helmet and sends him to stop the source. Inside the building a nasty faced villain monologues. Night Runner shows up but is quickly subdued. (he couldn't see out of the helmet.) But fear not because El Gaucho is to the rescue. He knocks Nasty face out, and quickly takes care of the crazy sound source. In the end the three decide to find another place to hang out and continue their good time.

The final case file is about Bat Cow. Yep Bat Cow. One night in Gotham City Bat Cow (wearing a cape) is grazing in an open field. But by the road a police car is chasing a speeding car. Shots are fired, but Bat Cow is near. Bat Cow plays chicken with the car, causing it to smash into a tree. Bat Cow stays there until the police catch up. Out of the police car a crying woman runs to the criminal car, and pulls a baby out of a car seat. In the end we see a bottle spilling milk, and the next two panels we see the criminals being arrested with the view underneath Bat Cow's utters. Very strange. And Why?

Well it's the end of the case files and Batman looks on. The Bat Computer asks Batman if he wants to archive the files. In the end he chooses no, so I guess in some form Batman Incorporated will live on.

This was a very fun special, with the exception of the Bat Cow story. Don't get me wrong, I love Bat Cow, but I also love good story telling. I really hope that since this issue is numbered we will be getting more Batman Incorporated Specials along the way, and if we don't it was a very fond goodbye to the characters we have come to love.


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