Friday, August 23, 2013

Red Hood and the Outlaws #23 Review

Oh man, the siege of 'Eth Alth'Eban has begun. Arsenal comes out being the most badass he has been the entire run of Red Hood. First off he takes out the legion of Man Bats they throw his way. Next Graystone goes after him with magic. But on top of all the gadgety goodness Arsenal has lined his clothes with salt protection magic. Using a ice gadget created after stealing the design from Mr. Freeze, he takes down Graystone. Next Cheshire teleports inside Arsenal's protective shield, and shuts it down. To pay her back he locates her teleporter and overloads her device, to scatter her atoms to the wind.

Finally Red Hood comes out and tries to stop Arsenal, but Roy isn't feeling it. All Roy wants is his friend back and this memory impaired version isn't it. So Arsenal beats Jason down, until he is interrupted by Starfire. Kori blows up Roy's gun, and tells him that he is being manipulated by The Untitled, and that he has to stop. But getting the Outlaws out of dodge is stopped by another assassin Rictus, who wants to take Kori on. While Starfire fights, Lady Shiva, Bronze Tiger, and Jason Todd go up to Arsenal for a little payback. The beat the ever lovin shit out of him, the only thing they seem to leave out is a curb stomping. But Roy being Roy wants the last laugh, and fires the last of his weapons, a single arrow. But this arrow explodes on the fountain, exposing the Lazarus Pit inside.

The League of Assassins isn't really happy, once The Untitled destroy this pit they will be unstoppable. Jason trying to spare the lives of Arsenal and Starfire says that he will lead the League against The Untitled. The two outlaws are hauled off, and Jason takes on the duty as League leader. The book ends with Red Hood hearing voices explaining what he needs to do. As the voices come, Jason's hand start emitting energy, and finally the energy become swords. The other don't understand whats going on, but they don't have time because The Untitled are there.

I had a really hard time trying to understand the decision to make Red Hood and the Outlaws more about Arsenal and Kori, and barely have any Red Hood at all, but this issue gives me a little insight. Arsenal I find has the super power of badassery. Kori, and Jason are pretty useless in this issue, but this is more in line with the DC Presents: Arsenal, which gave me more respect for the character. Not really a fan of the continuing arc this book is doing, but I'm a loyal reader, and I'll keep reading, and waiting for Jason Todd to become the central badass again.


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