Sunday, August 18, 2013

Justice League of America #7 Review

Part 4 of the Trinity War sees Lex Luthor pondering on who could of made Superman kill. Being the bald beautiful man he is, the idea makes him very jealous that it wasn't him. Enter Pandora. She explains to Lex that she needs him to open the box and that it was a prison for the evils in men's hearts, hearts such as his, and that that it can be this prison again. Inside A.R.G.U.S. HQ, Plastique goes to the morgue to visit Dr. Light's body. The Outsider tells her that Dr. Lights metamorphosis needs to begin, and apparently whoever the mole inside the Justice League is has taken down surveillance. Plastique places something on the body of the good doctor.

Meanwhile in Pittsburgh, Dr. Psycho is preparing to play a little game of murder the innocent people, when he is interrupted by The Martian Manhunter, The Question, Cyborg, Green Arrow, FireStorm, Element Woman, and The Atom. It's teams like this that make the whole book for me. Doc Psycho holds his own until Superman shows up, but in his weakened condition collapses. Dr. Psycho goes through Superman's mind learning all his secrets until Martian Manhunter intervenes and retcons his mind. Turns out Dr. Psycho was sent to Kahndaq so the team would search him out, but is completely innocent of messing with Superman's mind. Back at the House of Mystery Cat Woman uses her Feline wiles so that the House of Mystery will let her, Steve Trevor, Simon Baz, Flash, and Vibe into it. Inside they find out that Phantom Stranger #11 was a bust, and the team is reunited with Batman, Deadman, and Katana.

After the interrogation of Dr. Psycho, The Atom tells the rest of the League that she has been a double agent for Amanda Waller. The rest of the team believes that Amanda Waller might of wanted Superman to turn killer, so that the JLA could take over for the League. The team goes off to A.R.G.U.S. HQ to question her. Finally we find ourselves back in Lex Luthor's cell as Pandora is about to give him the box to open. But she is taken by surprise by Wonder Woman and her team Hawk Man, Star Girl, Frankenstein, Aqua Man, and Black Orchid. Wonder Woman takes the box and is engulfed in energy. When the smoke clears Wonder Woman claims she has the box, and that the box has her.

Some might feel that the Trinity War is taking it's good ole time. But I'm having fun watching the slow build up. like I said before just the idea of seeing these three very different teams that we haven't seen before is awesome. The beauty of reading a title like Justice League is that you get all your characters in one book, now we have three League titles in one book, brilliant. The mystery behind The Outsider and his plans, what Pandora's Box actually is. Very fun stuff. Very interested in seeing how this all pans out and leads us into Villain's Month. Unless this story arc takes a big left turn in Pt 5 in Justice League Dark, I recommend this story arc to any hero worshipping fan boy out there.


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