Sunday, August 18, 2013

World's Finest #15 Review

Power Girl's always rushing in head first. Desaad has taken Huntress and Power Girl flies head first into a boom tube after her, hoping that this tube will be the tube home. Oh Quantum Leap how we miss you. Back to Worlds' Finest. Power Girl emerges on the other side, confronted by parademons. But Power Girl isn't the only one having problems. Elsewhere Huntress is strapped down to a chair, helpless at the hands of Desaad.

Power Girl punches her way through the Parademon horde desperately trying to find her friend, striving to make right what Desaad put wrong....Wait wait. I'm back on Quantum Leap again. Desaad is alerted to Power Girl's presence and leaves Huntress to take care of the problem. But being the daughter of Cat Woman, and Batman has its advantages. She easily makes her escape.

Finding Power Girl, Desaad and her obviously fight. Using his electro torture taser jobbers, (little help if anyone knows the name of it, off hand) Desaad easily takes Power Girl down. That is until Huntress arrives (add heroic theme music here) and Desaad realizes that even though he would love to finish the job, he would rather toy with them more. He opens a boom tube and sends the duo back where they came from. But on arrival Power Girl realizes that she might have to changer her name to Powerless Girl. FIN

One of the better Worlds' Finest books I've read. Earlier in the series, it suffered from various artists, coming in and only doing a few pages here and there, but in the capable hands of Robson Rocha, this book is fantastic. The book finally has somewhere to go in the story and we're seeing what the title should of been from the start. Not a great jumping on point but go back to issue 14 and if the writing and the art remains, then you will have no regrets. Great issue.

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