Monday, September 30, 2013

Jim's Top 5 Best Villain's Month Issues

A Necessary Evil

The debate of whether Villains Month was a gimmick, a sly marketing move or just good fun will probably be waged in comic book shops and the Internet for a good time to come.  This list is just a collection of the best 5 reviewed books I read this month.  I didn't read every book that came out, so if there are any missing that you believe belong it may be from my laziness (we had a really tough time getting things done on the third week of the month) or it may be on Eric's list.  To read the original reviews for each just click on the my score link.

With that said, here is my list:

5. Wonder Woman #23.2 First Born

This is going to be a bit of a trend to this list, but the reason I really loved this issue is because it was not a Forever Evil tie-in.  Regular Wonder Woman writer, Brian Azzarello, uses this issue to establish the origin of the First Born, who will be facing Wonder Woman very soon.  He is ruthless and evil, but we see why in the issue.  Aco also does a great job with the art making this book great all around.

My Score: 9.5/10

4. Wonder Woman #23.1 Cheetah

This issue did a great job of showing us Cheetah for the first time all over again.  Though she is a familiar DC Villain, she hadn't been fully fleshed out in the New 52.  John Ostrander shows her cult-like upbringing and the difficult choices she was forced to make.  He also introduces the Manhunter into the New 52, a well loved character that is bound to pop up all over the New 52 Universe.  It looks like Cheetah will be a big shot in Forever Evil, so it's nice to see what made her what she is today.

My Score: 9.5/10

3. Batman and Robin #23.2 Court of the Owls

I think the Court of the Owls is one of the best things to come out of the New 52 so far.  They were a great new villain for Batman and also led into one of my favorite new Books, Talon.  So, it was no surprise that this issue was one I had marked to review the minute it was announced.  Thankfully, James Tynion IV and Jorge Lucas didn't disappoint.  Tynion shows us that the Court was always in Gotham and will always be there.  In fact, this issue makes the argument that the Court is Gotham.  Lucas' art is top notch and fits the writing so well that I hope he continues on in the Talon series.  With just a minor Forever Evil backdrop, this is an issue that anyone can read and enjoy, but was pure pleasure for those already following the intrigue of the Court.

My Score: 9.8/10

2. Action Comics #23.2 Zod

This one took me completely by surprise.  Not only was I not looking forward to a Zod issue, but I pretty much drew the short straw to review it.  I am so glad I did.  Greg Pak wrote a Zod origin that blended the tried-and-true with some awesome new details.  Zod became both an evil villain and a cool anti-hero in one fell swoop.  After reading this issue I am more excited than ever to see Zod again as well as see what Pak has in store for Action Comics in the near future.

My Score: 9.8/10

1. Swamp Thing #23.1 Arcane

Speaking of surprises, Arcane wasn't even on my list to review.  I don't regularly read Swamp Thing and I read and reviewed it a week late.  Well, guess what?  It was my favorite issue of the month!  Everything about it was great.  Regular Swamp Thing writer Charles Soule gives us a one-shot, two origins and a rebirth all rolled up into one.  In a month that many think was a money grab, you get your moneys worth here.  Non Swamp thing readers can enjoy this issue as a horror comic with dry sense of humor and gory visuals, while long time readers are sure to enjoy their visit with the ex Avatar of the Rot. Plus, the ending promises more of Arcane in the future.  This would be a great issue in any month but this month it was the best in my opinion.

My Score: 9.9/10

Remember, this list is based only on the books I reviewed this month.  I will get Eric to get off his butt and make his list in the next couple of days.  Plus, we will both post our least favorite books as well.


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