Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Forever Evil #2 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Geoff Johns
Art By: David Finch, Richard Friend
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 2, 2013

Shit Continues to Get Real!

Oh thank god!  Villain's Month is finally over.  Yeah this title was apart of Villain's Month, but after this I can get back to regular titles again.  YEAH!!  But what about this issue you say.  Well calm the hell down and let me get into it.

This book begins with Lex Luthor heading down to the 13th Subbasement of LexCorp.  Can you guess who he finds down at the end of the subbasement hallway?  If you guessed Ned Beatty, you're right.  Well they never say that, but his name is Otis and he's a security guard.  But I dare any Superman fan to read his dialogue, especially when he says "Mr. Luthor", and not do Ned Beatty's voice.

Anyway, Lex takes Otis into the secret lab and we see where the first experiment in Bizarro's Villain Month issue, has led us.  Even though Lex tells us that the creature needs five more years in his tube, with the power out it will die.  So Lex ups the awesomeness and opens the tube and the creature walks out.  Lex sees if the programming has held up by ordering the creature to kill Otis.  But no go.  It's not until Otis turns a gun on Lex that our Bizarro kills him.  Lex pleased with himself takes Bizarro and gives him a Superman suit, while he puts on his battle armor.  Lex is ready to get shit done.  Oh and of course Bizarro puts the costume on inside out.

Meanwhile the Teen Titans are having a panic attack about what to do.  Red Robin tells them to man up and they go out to take on the Crime Syndicate.  But before they get to Happy Harbor they find Johnny Quick, and Atomica terrorizing local law, and military.  Now try to understand this.  Johnny Quick seeing that Kid Flash vibrates at a different frequency, knows that he's from a different time.  So he vibrates Kid Flash to a point where a time vortex opens and sucks all the Teen Titans into it.  Just that fast the Teen Titans get their asses handed to them, and are exiled to a future time.  So disappointing.  I'm not sure if the Teen Titans will get back for the rest of this story, but damn that was really really weak sauce.  One of my favorite teams and they go out like a bunch of punks.  Boo, I say boo sir.  Anyway.

Elsewhere the Crime Syndicate have a secret.  Maybe the secret Evil Alfred was talking about in Secret Society #1, or maybe not.  I don't know, but they have someone locked up with a bag on their head, and they plan on throwing this person at the thing that ruined their world, if it shows up here.  Oh and on a more personal note we find out that Super Woman is pregnant with Owlman's baby, and they plan on taking Ultra Man out before he finds out.  Next Week Crime Syndicate On Maury.

In the end we're at S.T.A.R. Labs in Detroit.  Cyborg's father is guarding "The Red Room", a room that houses weapons of mass destruction, or at least things you don't want in the wrong hands.  The side of the wall comes down, and their getting ready to fire a BFG when we see who's on the other side.  Catwoman, and Batman carrying the stumps that are left of Cyborg.  Batman tells us that the rest of the League didn't make it.  

Bits and Pieces:

This issue was busy.  So much going on in Forever Evil it's ridiculous.  But I guess it's what you have to do when working on a universe expanding epic.  The artwork was very strange, I don't remember if it was like this last month, but it seemed that all the good guys were really clearly drawn, and looked great, while all the bad guys, and monsters were gritty as hell.  Maybe it was an artistic choice, I don't know it was just weird.  The only thing I have against this book is the Teen Titans.  Come on, that's all we get?  All in all this was another great issue, and I can't wait to get the next, and all the spin off titles.  Geoff Johns just has that way of keeping me in suspense, and making me hate him for it.  So everyone else jump on the good hate bandwagon, and check out this issue.


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