Friday, October 4, 2013

Top 5 Worst DC Comics Villain's Month Issues

An Unnecessary Evil

There are things I hate in my life.  Babies crying in movies, garlic, people who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch.  Well, I can add another one to my bucket list of hate...unnecessary Villain's Month issues.  Why were they Unnecessary you ask.  Oh, let me count the ways...

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5.Batman #23.4 Bane

Why was this issue unnecessary?  We get Bane's origin.  The same origin we always had.  But Jim, they changed it enough to justify a $4.99 price tag, right?  Nope.  What they did add were details that don't mesh right with Talon or the Forever Evil books and the fact that Bane punches little girls in the face after killing their Dad.  All this as a lame setup for you to read Forever Evil Arkham War.

My Score: 4.5/10

4. Aquaman #23.1 Black manta

Why was this issue unnecessary?  Well, if you have been following the regular Aquaman book (which you should, it is excellent), then you already have read the exact origin of Black Manta rehashed here.  Even if that is new to you, half of this book retells Forever Evil #1 which came out ONE week earlier.  Yes, the huge event book everyone should and probably already read...ONE week earlier.
Then to top it off we get a laughable reason for Black Manta to hate the Crime Syndicate.

My Score: 4.0/10

3.Batman #23.1 Joker 

Why was this issue unnecessary?  It features what seems to be a legitimate Joker origin story.  Nothing in it made me think this was another yarn spun by the Joker to mess with people's minds.  No, this seemed to be a straight faced origin and I don't want it.  The Joker is a force of nature spinning wildly out of control, not a man with a bad childhood that wishes he had it better.  I don't need Joker to be a sympathetic character.  I just need him to be the Joker.

My Score: 4.0/10

2. Justice League Dark #23.1 Creeper

Why was this issue unnecessary?  Because it features a Villain no one really cares about in a story that no one can really follow by a writer that no one really likes.  Seriously, how did the editors at DC let this one slide past their desks.It also killed any momentum  that Trinity War built for the Justice League Dark title.  It also stole both the $4.99 people paid for it and 15 minutes of their lives they spent scratching their heads trying to follow it.  You can make the $4.99 back, but that 15 minutes is gone forever.  Gone Forever.

My Score: 2.0/10

1. Superman #23.3 H'el

Why was it unnecessary?  Because it was terrible.  The whole H'el on Earth story arc in the Super Family books went on too long (more than one book would have been too long) and was pretty much panned by every critic.  So the great minds at DC knew we were clamoring for more H'el.  That's the funniest thing about this's mostly about Jor-el.  Nice move.

My Score: 2.0/10

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