Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Detective Comics #24 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: John Layman
Art By: Jason Fabok
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 2, 2013

Oh The Wrath's Going Down!

It's the last part of the Wrath story arc, and I'm wishing it was longer.  This story might not have all the scope of a Forever Evil, but I've enjoyed it since it started.  Which is saying a lot because I hated the original Wrath.  This re-imagining was surprising good, and needed.  Last issue Caldwell had set off the booby trapped bullet proof vest that he donated to the police, and the outcome was shocking......yeah they were electrocuted.  Batman had escaped the Caldwell Tech Building and Wrath was going after Alfred in the secured sector of the same building.  So let's jump into the thick of it.

Batman baits the Wrath into coming after him, (leaving Alfred alive thankfully) and the Wrath does not disappoint.  Wrath comes busting out of Caldwell Tech with a Wrath War-Jet, and all Batman can do is try to out maneuver him.  But he's running out of time to save the remaining police officers.  So what does Batman do?  Well he does the most badass thing he can do.  He blows up the Bat Wing so that it wrecks the Wrath's jet.  Batman gets away using a new glider he developed.  

Back at Caldwell Tech Batman shuts down the electro vests, and saves the police.  He also uses the information Alfred hacked to find out that Caldwell's father was gunned down by crooked cops, and deduces his next target.

The Wrath comes back with a vengeance he drives what Layman calls a "extensively modified Caldwell produced, reinforced-armor, heavy-artillery vehicle."  But what all that adds up to, is a big fucking tank.  Wrath drives it right up to the 13th precinct and is trying to get maximum kills during shift change.  BOOM!  Wrath gets out the tank but inside the giant fiery hole that once was the 13th precinct, he only finds Batman waiting for him.  Batman got all the cops out, and now it's one on one.  Sadly this doesn't last very long, and Batman lets the GCPD have a turn.  

So yeah Wrath killed a bunch of cops, yup he's a bad guy.  So what does Gordon do?  He shoots Wrath with that big ass tank.  In the end he tells Batman he knew it wouldn't kill Wrath (Bullshit), and a cynical Bat hater cop comes and thanks Batman for doing all that he did.  In Black Gate Gordon comes to Caldwell to tell him about the resolution on his father's case.  After Gordon leaves we see that across the hall Emperor Black Gate (Emperor Penguin) wants to talk to Caldwell about his future plans.

Bits and Pieces:

Even though this story arc crossed over a bit into Detective Annual.  Yeah I count it.  This story seems like it should of been at least two more issues worth.  But for what it was, I enjoyed it and continually love John Layman's work on this title.  Seriously when I first heard that Wrath was going to be the new villain of Detective, I did what any self respecting fan boy does.  I bitched left and right.  I hated this character back in the day, but after reading this re-imagining I like the character and wished he had had a Villain's Month title.  All in all get the issue complete the story, it looks great and you won't regret it.


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