Thursday, October 3, 2013

Top 5 Best of "Villain's Month"

I'm Still Having The Nightmares....

I think back to a time before the reviews.  A time when I'd pick up books and take my sweet time enjoying them.  Normally the reviews aren't that demanding.  I enjoy the read, and then I either blow the creative team, or slam them.  You know a good time.  But then came Villain's Month.  Oh god....  The weeks kept coming, and the issues came with them.  One shot after one shot, origin story after origin story, giving us information we already knew, or didn't want.  I still hear the screams in the comic shops when I close my eyes at night.  Okay enough drama, granted we had some real duds when it came to Villain's Month, but it wasn't all bad, and I'm hear to sum up what reviews had a special place in my heart, and if not that, then the title that tricked me into giving it a decent review.  Top 5 Best of "Villain's Month".

5. Justice League of America #23.4 Black Adam

 I love Shazam.  It's not secret.  That being said I just want everyone to know that Black Adam is a badass.  It's not hard to image really just think of Shazam has a merciless badass.  BAM! you got it.  Now this really should of been a Justice League title but that's just nitpicking.  The story was great, the art was great.  Just didn't want Black Adam to resurrect so soon.  Sometimes dead is better.  Hopefully this isn't the time though.

4. Justice League #23.4 Secret Society

So remember how I just said how much I love Shazam?  Well apparently I just love to love stuff.  Because I love the multiverse.  That's while Secret Society made it on my Top 5 list.  In this issue we explored Earth 3's Gotham, and it was awesome.  But like all things it wasn't perfect.  But this had few flaws, the majority of it being the fact that the issue is called Secret Society, and not The Outsider.  Because we don't see any Secret Society with the exception of the cover.  But even though I was deceived I was pleasantly surprised with what I got.

3. Action Comics #23.1 Cyborg Superman

God damn this is getting old.  Alright, I love Cyborg Superman.  It's a silly character to love I know, but ever since we first saw him in Reign of the Supermen, the idea of a Cyborg Superman has just captured my imagination.  Jump ahead a bunch of years and we have Geoff Johns giving him a fist full of Sinestro Corps. rings and I'm having a joygasm.  Now this re-imagining of CS we first saw in Supergirl, and I wasn't sold since it wasn't the Hank Henshaw I knew, but the last issue, Supergirl #23, and this issue really sold me on him.  I don't know where it will go, but I'll be reading.

2. Batman #23.3 Penguin

This character always gets a bad rap, and I don't understand why.  Yeah he's short, and round, and umbrellas are his gimmick.  But he's a merciless bastard, who has a criminal empire.  Still not sold?  Read the issue, it kept me on the edge of my seat, and made me want a Penguin #2.  This issue is the aftermath of John Layman's Emperor Penguin storyline, and Penguin is trying to get his reputation back for losing his empire, and the things he'll do to get it back.  So good.

1. Batman and Robin #23.4 Killer Croc

Now unlike the rest of the issues on this list, I don't have a hard on for Killer Croc.  This issue popped out of nowhere for me.  I loved the story, and the art was fun.  I don't know if this issue deserves to be #1 on my list or not but I rated it the highest so...  It's weird Killer Croc seemed to just reach down and touch me in a special spot.  A spot that you shouldn't be touched in, especially if your mother's around, and if your okay with that scenario then you have a strange relationship with your mother and I think your kinda creepy.  But it was a nice surprise and I hope to see Killer Croc in a future story line.

Well Jim got me to do this list and we talked about it and I agreed, but I think next time we just might combine our Top 5 list on a event like this.  So in retrospect these are all great books, but I don't know if I'd give them the same rating.  I just think that some issues of Villain's Month I remember having a bigger impact on me then some of the ones on this list, but it is what it is.  I'm just happy that I can get back to reviewing normal titles again.  This event was certainly fun, but I'm really really glad that it's over.  So until next year's event.

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