Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Action Comics #25 Review

Written by:Greg Pak
Art by: Aaron Kuder
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 6, 2013

Rock Me Like a Hurricane

Action Comics #25 is a Zero Year Tie-in that curiously doesn't have much of a Zero Year tie-in.  Gotham and certain events are referenced, but prior knowledge of the event is not needed to enjoy this issue at all. What we do get is good old t-shirt and jeans Superman in all his cocky, fun and younger self.  He is so eager to prove his worth as a hero to the World and him self that he welcomes any chance to show his powers.  When a Superstorm is poised to hit Gotham City,  he hitches a ride there to try and stop a Hurricane.  Just let that soak in...he is trying to stop a Hurricane!

Greg Pak brings the fun back to Action Comics and Superman in a big way.  I have read the whole Action Comics run and can truthfully say that issue #25 is the first that made me want to be Superman.  I want to be the young hero learning how powerful he is by attempting the impossible.  We see Superman fighting Thugs and natural disasters and laughing the whole time.  He is having the time of his life and we are there for the ride.

One complaint I had with this issue is the lack of young Clark Kent.  We get plenty of Superman which is great, but I wish there was more Clark and his struggles to make his way in the world.  What little we do get of Clark is so well done that you can't help but want more.

We do get a heavy dose of childhood sweetheart, Lana Lang.  She ends up being on the dangerous end of the egg beater in the main story and the backup.  I like her being in the book, but is she that unlucky?  It seems a little forced, especially the backup which is essentially the kickoff to Pak's new and continuing Action Comics storyline.

Aaron Kuder's art is a mixed bag.  The action scenes look great as does the look of young Clark/Superman.  His take on Lana doesn't fare as well.  A couple panels make her look plain bizzare, while others had me guessing if I was looking at her or another character all together.

Bits and Pieces:

Action Comics #25 is a Zero Year tie-in in little more than name only.  What we do get is the fun t-shirt and jeans Superman and the promise of Greg Pak's future on the book.  Pak and Kuder make Superman fun again and if this issue is an indication, fans may finally get the book they've been waiting for since the start of the New 52.


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