Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Detective Comics #25 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: John Layman
Art By: Jason Fabok
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 6, 2013

A Gordon Story......YAY!

We now interrupt own regularly scheduled Detective Comics to bring you......Zero Year.

Now this is a Zero Year Tie-In, which thankfully means we're right along side of Batman Zero Year's timeline. Riddler just knocked out the power to the whole of Gotham, and a super storm is approaching, which seems to be the glue that holds all these tie-ins together.  So let's hop right into this issue.

Explain It!:

So after the Red Hood gang came along and riled up all the would be criminals, new gangs have come along to fill the void they left behind, now that Batman has taken them down.  We get to see that Gordon is investigating the newly emerged Black Mask gang.  But he's realizing that the GCPD might not be as noble as himself.  

Gordon does some investigating of his own on Roman Sionis, who owns Janus Industries, and seems to be around all the robberies that the Black Mask gang has committed.  Gordon goes back to Commissioner Loeb to tell him that he believes Sionis is responsible for the crimes, and that he has officers on his payroll who are moonlighting as security for him.  Loeb frustrated, partners Gordon with Henshaw from Internal Affairs.  The two spend a week collecting information on dirty cops, and right when they are going to bust Sionis, Henshaw shows his true colors.  The gang beats the hell out of Gordon, and try to make his death look like a suicide by throwing him off of the New Trigate Bridge.  But somehow Gordon survives.  

Back at the station house Henshaw is planting the seed of suicide in the minds of the other officers, saying he hasn't seen Gordon, but he seemed really depressed last he saw him.  But Gordon comes walking in, and busts him in the jaw.  On the way back to the GCPD, Gordon went and broke into Henshaw's apartment and got all the evidence on him, and all the other dirty cops in the department.  In the end Sionis gets away, and all the cops that were working for him, came to an unfortunate end.  But the question still remains how did Gordon survive the fall of the Trigate Bridge?  I'm pretty sure you can guess.

For the backup this month, we're back in our normal time line.  The police are investigating a suicide at the Trigate Bridge.  A witness claims that the person walked out on the bridge and jumped off, but half way down it was grabbed by a bat like figure.  Surrounding the crime scene a officer recognizes a disheveled Kurt Langstrom.  When the officer approached him, Langstrom screamed out "It was her, she did this I have to stop her."  Then Langstrom turned into Man-Bat and flew away.  So it looks like we'll be having some more Man-Bat in the future.

Bits and Pieces:

Well luckily we just ended a story arc, so Zero Year doesn't just butt it's way in, and tell us to just deal with it.  Being a Gordon story "which I love", we get a feeling very reminiscent of Batman: Year One, but different enough to not feel like a rehash.  With Layman's Detective run coming to an end, I really hate to have a tie-in interrupt what could have been, but this was a good issue, and I'm glad we got to see it.  So go check it out and bask in the story telling of John Layman while we still have it.


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