Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DC's CW's Hour Man?

So with a hit like Arrow hitting up the small screen every week, it's no surprise that both DC, and the CW want to add to their superhero line up.  So to join the roster of Superhero shows, we're told that the Flash will be making his debut on Arrow, before getting his own series.  Yep, makes sense.  With Justice League announced, and Batman Vs. Superman already filming, we have to get a mythology set.  Even if it will be a confusing one between the large and small screens.  Now we have two popular characters ready to go, why not make it a hat trick?  There are so many characters to choose from, especially ones who would have a hard time carrying a entire movie on their own.  Well the only way to go about it, is to go obscure.  Wait wait wait.  That doesn't make any sense.  Sorry but nonsense wins out in the end.  

The new story being reported by TV Guide is that the CW is trying to put together a Hour Man television show.  Now I'm all about the Golden Age, and I really want Hour Man to appear in Earth 2 continuity.  But how can a character of this caliber be able to carry a series?  Also we have a very loose DC Universe going on right now.  Nothing is tight or in anyway making me believe that all these characters live in the same world.  So to add to the confusion why not add a Golden Age character to the mix, and screw me up some more.  Go check out the full story over at TV Guide, and tell us what you think of the could be, upcoming new hit, HOUR long series.     CW's Hour Man

Even though this ended up coming off as a rant.  I assure you I love the character of Hour Man, and remember......

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