Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Batman/Superman #5 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Greg Pak
Art By: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 6, 2013

Surviving The Game!  

Alright Brett Booth starts out his run on Batman/Superman, I've been waiting for this since the series creators were announced.  So let's just dive into the issue.

Explain It!:

We begin this issue how every issue should start.  Batman and Superman bantering.  I just love the interactions, and in my opinion, and by no means humble, this is the best part of any Batman Superman book, and what I feel lacked in the first four issues of this title.  We see that Batman is battling Metallo, while Superman is in outer space smashing asteroids that threaten the earth.  Well Batman being Batman subdues the metal monster while barely breaking a sweat.  Superman comes back, and busts Bruce's balls about only being a man.  So the two part ways, but Metallo disappears.  Superman goes to check out the military installation that housed Metallo, and apparently he never left.  

But back in Gotham, The Toy Master is amazed at the graphics on the video game he just played where he was fighting Batman.  So if Toy Master thinks that this is just a game, and his designer isn't telling him otherwise, who is behind this standard sci fi video game story?  Well we'll get there.

We see that the asteroids that Superman smashed are coming down and burning up in earth's atmosphere.  But the dust is lingering, and even makes it's way down into the Batcave.  But as far as I can tell this asteroid dust will come into play later in the story arc, because other than Superman knowing that something is wrong with people up and down the eastern sea board, we don't get anymore indication on whats going on with it.

Meanwhile.... Toy Master wants the game to continue, so he invites a few of his friends to join in on testing the beta.  They go into the game and decide to work together to take down Batman.  But somehow they're working together like Voltron, because four people are controlling one hologram... Or deadly physical hologram thing.  Batman goes back to the scene of the fight he had with Metallo, and finds Nightwing already there investigating.  Once Batman's guard is down Nightwing attacks.  The duo take the fight across rooftops, until Toy Master recognizes his home.  So he takes the fight there, and to his surprise.... He's there.  So now that Toy Master knows the truth, that the game is real, he tells Batman how to take down the holodick.  Toy Master's designer comes in and tries to stop Batman from destroying the console, but before she can, and before Toy Master knows is the designer is real or another hologram.  A space ship comes down and ID4's the home.  In the rubble Batman sees who's behind is dastardly deed; Mongul.  

In the end we see Batman calling Superman for help.  Batman's down, and looking bad, as Mongul has a giant blaster pointed at his head.  What a way to leave me in suspense.  Bastards!

Bits and Pieces:

This is a great issue, and is a throwback to what we loved about Worlds' Finest of yesteryear.  We get the fun banter between these two power houses, that seemed to be missing in the first four issues.  Everything in this issue was great, Greg Pak delivers a satisfying Sci Fi story, and even though its been seen before, it feels fresh with our favorite superheroes.  Also Brett Booth is a perfect fit for this title, and I hope he continues to be on this creative team for a long time.  Go out and get this title, and have a fun time.


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