Thursday, November 7, 2013

Green Arrow #25 Review

Written by: Jeff Lemire
Art by: Andrea Sorrentino
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 6, 2013

Let's Play Moth in the Middle

Oliver Queen is a man haunted by the past.  The comic (and also the excellent Arrow TV show) spend so much time in flashback mode that sometimes I think he spent 20 years on the Island.  Well, Green Arrow #25 gives us a Zero Year tie-in and flashback to when Oliver returned to Seattle fresh off the island. Surprisingly, even with loose ties to Batman and Gotham, this issue is my favorite tie-in so far.

Oliver Queen has returned to Seattle and. unfortunately,  he immediately finds out his Mother has gone missing in Gotham during the Blackout caused by the Riddler.  He sets off for Gotham where he joins Diggle and Batman to battle Killer Moth who has set his sites on Moria Queen and her large bank account.

Jeff Lemire does a great job showing a young Green Arrow and Batman.  They are both getting their feet wet in the hero business and don't want to share the spotlight.  The interaction between the two is great and something I wish we could get more of in the future.  The real scene stealer though is Killer Moth.  He is hilarious in his attempts at convincing Batman that moths are dangerous and ferocious creatures.  Lemire shows us that the Blackout is inspiring both heroes and villains, some better than others.

Andrea Sorrentino's art is great as usual.  His style really fits the gritty darkness of Gotham on the verge of disaster.  The visuals tell as much of the story as Lemire's script and together they work magic.

The backup is pretty good as well.  It shows the beginnings of the Oliver-Diggle relationship, a relationship founded on trust and respect.  It sets up what is to come in the near future and as a Diggle fan, I can't wait.

Lemire and Sorrentino takes the loose Zero Year ties and turns it into the strongest tie-in to date.  Oliver and Batman are heroes at the beginning of their careers and it shows.  The interaction between them, Diggle and a certain murderous insect are great.  Highly recommended.


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