Thursday, February 20, 2014

Batman and Two-Face #28 Review

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi
Art by: Patrick Gleason
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 19, 2014

Three Sides Of The Coin

Harvey Dent is going to be executed on live television while Gotham's not-so-finest look on.  Erin McKillen makes a horrible GPS, but a great ejector seat victim.  Batman teaches Harvey about coins and Harvey drops a bomb.  In the end, Harvey pulls the trigger, Erin is a rabble rouser and Batman buys a night light.

Overall, I've not been a huge Batman Two-Face fan.  It hasn't been the revamped origin of Two-Face, in fact I like what Tomasi has done with the character.  My problem has mainly been with Erin McKillen.  She is a weak villain who comes off as a spoiled brat, not a criminal mastermind.  After reading this issue I think Tomasi may have finally agreed with me.

The issue starts with Batman and McKillen racing to save Harvey Dent who's execution will be televised.  He's all tied up with nowhere to go and Erin is screwing around with Batman giving him crazy directions.  Batman has enough and hits the ejector button and bada-bing, no more McKillen.  Reading this I was reminded of the phrase, "Be careful what you wish for..."  I hate the character of Erin McKillen.  I mean, I HATE her.  However, after she has been shoved down our throats for five issues, I expected a little payoff.  Nope, she goes to jail where she can sit until Tomasi or some other writer wants to give her another go at it.

All is not lost though.  It is Batman and Two-Face and we get plenty of action with those two.  Batman figures out where they are holding Harvey and when he gets there all hell breaks loose.  A giant battle breaks out with Batman and Two-Face joining sides to battle his captors.  There is great action, a touch of humor and one jaw dropping revelation.  Mixed in is a flashback showing what Bruce Wayne gave Harvey and then back to the present to see how far he has fallen.  Tomasi does a great job mixing the two and Patrick Gleason's art here is the best he has done in a long time.

This is where I think Tomasi nails his mark.  The personal moments between Batman and Two-Face, both in the past and present, are great.  The two have a past and though their friendship has been twisted, there is still remnants of it there.  You feel for Harvey Dent for his lose, but also for Bruce for the guilt of it as well.

The book ends with Harvey at what may be rock bottom (and I don't mean the location in Nocenti's horrible Gotham Underground) and then Bruce and Jim Gordon wondering what happened to the former D.A.  I think the ending is more shock than substance, but I actually liked it and am interested to see how it works itself out.

Bits and Pieces:

Peter J. Tomasi finished the Batman and Two-Face story with a bang and while I liked the overall story, this issue was far from perfect.  After pushing Erin McKillen on the reader like a mother trying to get her daughter married, she exits with a whimper.  I really enjoyed Gleason's art in this issue especially the long fight scene.  The ending seemed set up for shock value and I don't think it will stick in the future.  Still I'll recommend this issue for readers of the arc and the arc in general for those interested in a new Two-Face story.


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