Thursday, February 20, 2014

Birds of Prey #28 Review

Written by: Christy Marx
Art by: Romano Molenaar and Daniel Sampere
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 19, 2014

On the Wings of Truth

Going in, this book has two strikes against it as far as this reviewer is concerned.  One, I have not been impressed by Gothtopia.  Two, Birds of Prey has not been a great (or even good) book.  However, sometimes one plus one equals five and this is one of those times.  Yes, out of the ashes of two mediocre things rises a golden phoenix.  Ok, I'm getting a little carried away.  This book isn't great, but it is so much better than I expected and out of nowhere is one of my favorite Gothtopia issues.  Tallest midget in the circus I know, but be happy for what you get.

I hate to write the explanation for Gothtopia because I don't like it very much.  I will do my duty, though, and tell everyone that Gothtopia is a story arc where Gotham is the best city in the world. Crime is down, everyone is happy and it's all a bloody lie.  Yes, everyone is living out their dreams, but it isn't real.  Enter the Wings of Truth.

The Birds of Prey are the Wings of Truth.  Everyone is accounted for and all look pretty cool in their Gothtopia garb.  The story retells a bit of the Detective Comics #27 Gothtopia start with Batman being hauled off for acting "crazy".  Afterwards, Black Canary, known here as Warbler, is visited by a "friend" who shows her the truth and gives her an offer she can't refuse.  Christy Marx does a good job of tying this issue into the main run of Birds of Prey.  It's not just a cool moment, but one that makes sense and sets up the future conflict for the book.

The problem I have with this book and all of Gothtopia is who's dreams are we seeing?  In this issue, Black Canary and Condor appear to be lovers.  While this would be Condor's dream, Black Canary has recently found out her husband is alive and didn't want to leave his side.  You're telling me that her dream is to be with Condor?  It doesn't make sense.

The art team of Molenaar and Sampere is good with some really nice panels.  I usually hate more than one artist on a book, but it doesn't kill the issue at all.

Bits and Pieces:

Birds of Prey #28 is not a good book, but I haven't really enjoyed Gothtopia in general.  Christy Marx does some cool things that will reap benefits in the regular run, but most of the Gothtopia bits fall flat.  


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