Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weird Science News: Week of February 12. 2014 Edition

News, news and more news.  It was not a huge news week which is fine with me.  I'm still trying to dig myself out from under eight metric tons of snow (since I'm not Canadian I'm not sure how much a metric ton is, but it seems like a whole lot).  Here are some stories that hit harder than Chris Brown this week.  Juno is gay (Ellen Page not the Alaskan City with is spelled "Juneau" dummy), Charlie Sheen is getting married while Jason London is getting divorced, Kim Kardashian passed the oral exam, there is a show called Party Down South and they want more money and speaking of cash money, Diddy's baby mama needs rent.  Enough Baby Mama exam divorce talk...

On With The News

l loves me some Frankenberry
Batman and...

Ever since Damian died (if I spoiled that for you I am not sorry) the Batman and Robin book has become Batman and "whoever we can throw in here".  I'm not saying it's been bad, but I want a new Robin.  I guess I'll have to wait a little bit longer, because Mike Allred announced he is doing Batman '66 inspired variant covers for a bunch of comics in May and one is...Batman and Frankenstein.  I take back what I said about a new Robin because I really want to read Batman and Frankenstein.  In fact, this should have been issue #19 instead of Red Robin chasing Batman to Frankenstein's castle and Carrie Kelly dressing up for a party.  just saying.

"I want that Frankenberry!"
The Next Villian in Arrow is...

Arrow returns on February 26 and will feature the Clock King.  Robert Knepper will play the Tyrant of Time, William Tockman who battles wits and fists? with Felicity.  Yea, it seems like she wants to prove herself by battling him alone.  That's going to turn out just fine I'm sure.

Bluebird from Batman #28 and Batman Eternal is...

Batgirl's daughter.  Well, Batgirl of San Diego's daughter at least.  What am I talking about?  It's a slow news week, so let me explain. The Batgirl of San Diego, also known as Kyrax, has made a name for herself by going to convention panels dressed as Batgirl and asking about DC's policies of hiring (and keeping) female talent and how they portray females in their comics.  Her daughter dressed as original creation "Bluebird" and even had a homemade comic featuring the character.  Scott Snyder was impressed and fashioned Batman's sidekick in Batman #28 and the upcoming Eternal weekly after her.  Awesome.

Jessica Cruz is...

The first Female Green Lantern from Earth.  Mentioned at the end of Green Lantern #20 when Simon Baz' future is shown in the Book of Oa, it looks like she is the new Power Ring and is for real.  Geoff Johns' told IGN that she will be in Justice League #31 and is indeed featured on the cover.  What is interesting about this is the fact that many argued that what was shown at the end of GL #20 may or may not actually happen. Well, here is proof that it at least could and pretty quickly to boot.  I guess this means that Hal and Carol can still get together (sorry Kyle) and John Stewart can grow old and rock that grey goatee.

Another week, Another news.

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