Monday, February 17, 2014

Superboy #28 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Marv Wolfman
Art By: Andres Guinaldo, Mark Irwin
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 12, 2014

War Is Hell..... But Prepping For War Is A Chore.

Last time we saw Superboy he was battling the newly introduced character Schiz, but the battle ended when Schiz convinced Superboy to help her cause.  Well she believed she convinced him, but this psychotic Superboy has plans of his own, and those plans include a army of human meta hybrids like Schiz to kill the rest of the metas of the world.  But he's still impersonating Kon, so we'll have to see if he can keep up the ruse or let his anger get the best of him, and slaughter the Teen Titans.  This issue takes place before the trial of Kid Flash, in the last issue of Teen Titans, so now that you know let's get to the new stuff.

Explain It!:

So Superboy and Schiz are talking about their problems and Schiz is all like boo hoo I was built to be a weapon, and Superboy is all like boo hoo  my physiology is killing me.  Come on guys toughen up.  Now I'm making light of this, but there is a bit of this in the beginning, and we are given a flashback to Schiz that makes you feel a little for her. Like when she was born she made every one in the delivery room have an aneurysm.  Everyone knows once you do that kind of nonsense the government sticks you in a tube.
But the story really begins when Schiz goes to read Superboy's mind to make sure that he is really on her side, and surprisingly she trusts him after the read.  But don't go thinking Superboy has changed, and deep down he's a good guy, because we find out that Raven is manipulating the situation from a far.  We're given the same information from last issue about how the metas controlled the world and people like Schiz were created using alien and human DNA to stop the meta crisis, the only difference is that this issue we get pictures showing us.  Who doesn't like pictures?

After the brief flashback Superboy let's out two more human meta hybrids Lodestone, and Volt.  Superboy takes Schiz and his two new recruits to the Echo Military Command to collect some weapons and when they get there they maintain their cover, by having Schiz enter the soldiers minds making them think they are being attacked by the revolutionists on the planet.  So begins Superboy's war.

One thing you should understand if you're only reading this title, which is weird to me but if you are this issue takes place before the latest issue of Teen Titans.  At the end of Titans Kid Flash's revolutionist's take control of the courtroom ending his trial.  So in that issue it looks like a war is brewing between the government "The Functionary", and Kid Flash's revolutionists.  Now it looks like there's going to be another war thrown in with Superboy's Hybrid meta's.  The Titans are really going to have their hands full in the 31st Century.  Hell if we want this to get more complicated we could always throw the Justice League 3000 into the mix.  Strange shit going on in the future hopefully we get back to the present, and see how Jon Lane Kent affects the rest of the DC Universe.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue has me torn because I still don't like Jon Lane Kent as Superboy, but it seems that we might be moving to a pretty epic story.  Even with my dislike of the central character, I am a big fan of epic stories, and feel that maybe I could grow to like him, well tolerate him.  I don't ever see this character becoming a "good guy", and don't know where he'll fit into the present day DC Universe.  With all that this issue suffers from reiterating facts from the last issue, even spending time giving us a flashback, and is still just a set up issue.  Hopefully next month we'll finally see where we're heading.


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