Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Justice League #28 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Geoff Johns
Art By: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Scott Hanna
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 19, 2014


Alright so Cyborg got all revamped last issue with a sleeker leaner look.  Now it's time to get back to saving the world.  Let's see if Cyborg can enlist the Metal Men to help him take down the Crime Syndicate.  Let's dive right in.

Explain It!:

Cyborg goes to Dr. Will Magnus to enlist the help of the Metal Men, but Will doesn't want any part of this.  So it's time to jump into a flashback to six months ago, when the Metal Men were first brought online, and why Doc Mag is so opposed to his creations being apart of Forever Evil.

Working for the military Dr. Magnus was tasked with making robots that were able to do search and rescue missions that were deemed too dangerous for a human.  What Doc Magnus did was create what he calls Responsometers, orbs that go into the vats of various metals, and would bond with the metal permanently programing the metals, and allow them to change shape to whatever the mission would call for.  The test was a success but Dr. Magnus got more than he bargained for.  Each robot had their own personality, and own personal look.

So I'll take this time just to say The Metal Men are fucking awesome!  Each one is fun, and as a group they are brilliant.  If we don't get a Metal Men comic in the near future.........well I'll probably get over it, but for awhile I'll be pretty upset.  Gold's penchant for being the leader, Iron's want for beating up bad guys, Tin's need to be useful, Lead's dim-wittedness, Mercury's bad attitude, and my very strange and creepy attraction to Platinum are all thrown at us, and it works.  It's like Joss Whedon is directing an ensemble cast, and everyone I talk to knows how much I love that.  I get a bit fanboy about the Buff.  These characters just made my day, and I'm so glad to see the gleeful look in their eyes as they start out in a world they desperately want to know.

But Will Magnus isn't happy with the way his Metal Men have turned out, because they're too human.  The fact that they claim to feel bothers Dr. Magnus more than they're refusal to obey orders.  But the introduction, and get to know you faze is cut short as the military steps in to claim their Metal Men.  Now we find out that the military plans on using Magnus's creations to kill the group "The Sons of Adam" in Kahndaq, but once the Metal Men hear this, they take off because killing isn't something they want to do. I don't know why they just don't get Jean Claude Van Damme, and Dolph Lundgren to reprise their roles as Universal Soldiers, I'm sure they're not doing anything, and will do about anything for a paycheck. WILL UNIVERSAL SOLDIER FOR FOOD, AND HOOKERS!  So the Metal Men disappear, and Dr. Magnus tries to figure out what went wrong with their programming, but that's not the only problem we have.  It seems that after the Metal Men hit the bricks, someone snuck into Dr. Magnus's lab and stole a prototype responsometer, and whoever that someone was dropped the orb into a vat of toxic waste.  Do you know what that means?  CHEMO!!!!  Who doesn't love a villain that's a giant contained vat of toxic waste?  That's right nobody.

So that happened, and before anybody realizes the bad that's about to happen Dr. Magnus returns home and finds that the Metal Men have actually been hiding out in his flat.  Yeah I'm trying to get some British readers.  So it's a nice reunion, but before it can get all mushy and air on the Hallmark Channel, Chemo rears his toxic head.  Time for the Metal Men to save the day.  After getting all the people away each of the Metal Men dive into Chemo, and the chemical reaction causes them all to be destroyed including Chemo, so mission complete, except for all the death.

In the end Cyborg finds the responsometers in Dr. Magnus's lab, and convinces him to reactivate the Metal Men so that the world might have a chance against the Crime Syndicate.  Dr. Magnus realizing that the whole reason he didn't want to bring them back is because he's afraid of losing them again.  It's really heartbreaking the way Dr. Mags becomes so attached to his creations, and fears for them being the heroes they are.  So good.

Bits and Pieces:

I don't know how many times I can say that I love The Metal Men.  This issue was such a good time I'm really depressed that that they don't have their own title yet.  Yet Right?  The New 52 redesigns of the characters are a welcomed change, and Geoff Johns just proves over and over again that he can right a hell of a book.  So you know the drill after all this fluffing, go out and get this, and hell get another copy for someone else.  So good.


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