Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weird Science DC Comics News: Week of March 26, 2014 Edition

Hello folks, It's been a couple of weeks without a news column, but now after not one person requested it, it's back!  The reason for the lapse is two-fold.  I got lazy and then I got real lazy.  However, the news waits for no one, not even an unpaid DC Comics blogger.  Go figure.  Now, without further ado...

On With The News

DC Announces Teen Titans: Earth One

With so many spots to fill to get the New 52 up to, I don't know, 52 books maybe, you would think we'd get some more announcements than Star Spangled Glorious Stories Concerning War and Forever Infinity People of the Past, but no.  DC announced this week that Jeff Lemire and Terry Dodson would be giving us the Teen Titans: Earth One graphic novel.  I am not a huge fan of the Earth One books, so this is not huge news for me.  I know Eric here at Weird Science loves the Teen Titans (almost as much as Gilmore Girls), but I bet he's not even that excited.

Gail Simone Announces Something and Nothing at All

At the DC panel at EDCC Gail Simone announced that DC is finally allowing her to write a Batgirl story she's been asking to do since the launch of the New 52.  Then she wouldn't tell what that is.  Hmmm.  The mystery story will be featured in Batgirl 32, 33, and 34 with the solicits only saying that Batgirl is being watched by someone mysterious.  My money is on Cyborg.  He's into that sort of thing.

Batman Turns 75

DC announced that the celebration for the Dark Knight's 75th birthday is on like pong.  The celebration will include Batman Day on July 23, 2014, The Son of Batman and Arkham Assault animated features, two animated shorts and a bunch of exhibitions and stuff at SDCC that I'll never get to see because I live on the East Coast and have to work an awful job just to pay my bills and feed my kids...  Now that I got that off my chest, I can't wait to celebrate.

My Picks of the Week

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #6  9.0/10 This issue was so good and really made heroes of the Rogues and Pied Piper.

Smallville: Lantern #3 9.8/10 After a bit of a slow start, Bryan Q. Miller slams it into overdrive with two awesome reveals and a Smallville history of the Green Lantern Corps.

Red Lanterns #29 9.0/10 Kara is still a Red Lantern, but is it all a plan to win back Supergirl fans in the end? Kind of like New Coke-Coke Classic.

Well, there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed yourself and I will try not to be so lazy from now on.  But like Naked Eyes sang, Promises, Promises...

Another Week, Another News.  Spoon James, Out!

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