Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Larfleeze #9 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis
Art By: Scott Kolins
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 26, 2014

Family Functions Are The Worst

Last issue of Larfleeze we saw the entire House Of Tuath-Dan come together for the first time in what I'm assume is a insanely long time.  The reason for the family reunion was to discuss what they were going to do about Larfleeze, and as you would expect they all figured that death was the best solution for the orange monkey.  At the end of the issue the one member of the House of Tuath-Dan who didn't want to attend the meeting, found Larfleeze, and made him come to the family function, and all hell breaks loose.  Let's see if the guru of greed is bested by the god like family from another dimension.

Explain It!:

The issue starts with a bang now that Larfleeze is in the house, and all the god like beings seem to pale in comparison to his aura of avarice.  N'Odens lashes out first, to get revenge for Larfleeze destroying his lodge, and killing his hounds.  But the Laord of the Hunt doesn't seem to pose much of a threat.  The real fun starts when the head of the House of Tuath-Dan; Xum, figures he'll throw his weight around and finish off the pesky orange monkey.  Only problem is when Xum was describing how powerful he is, he told Larfleeze that he is "Xum Of All Things", and while his younger sister The Wanderer tries to get him to shut up, he doesn't get the hint, and instead of destroying Larfleeze, he continues to rant about how he is everything.  So naturally Larfleeze spider monkeys on Xum to absorb him into his ring, so that Larfleeze can have everything.  It's really a funny scene, and probably the funniest thing I've seen in this series.

So it looks like Xum is fucked, but his sister The Wanderer has his back, but what she fires off at Larfleeze isn't enough to take the greedy bugger down.  Okay I'm going to go off on a little tangent here, so try to follow.  Remember that Loony Tunes short where Daffy and Bugs find the genie of the lamp, and the treasure of the forty thieves?  It's a classic, of course you remember it.  Larfleeze's personality and motivation look like it can be traced back to that episode, and you can completely see Larfleeze being based on greedy Daffy.  Which is all well and good, but I've always been a fan of crazy Daffy.  Did I take us enough off course?  Alright let's turn around, and head back to the story.  Okay, Wanderer tries to stop Larfleeze, but all it does is get his attention, and not in a good way.  He blows up the House of Tuath-Dan's citadel, and flies off to celebrate his victory by sucking the everything out of Xum.

The House of Tuath-Dan is pretty bummed about their loss to Daffy, but not as bummed as The Wanderer.  According to her dead father's laws, since she fell in battle against Larfleeze, she now has to marry him.  Wow, apparently cosmic laws are as bad as the middle east's.  Wanderer flies off to find her hubby to be, while Larfleeze tries to figure out how to extract Xum's cosmic juice.  To bad for Xum, Larfleeze's answer is a construct drill to the head.  So Xum's body is dead, and Larfleeze finally has the calm to realize that he forgot the reason he went to the citadel in the first place.  He forgot to get his butler Stargrave.

In the end we see the planet from last issue where Larfleeze named himself king.  The people of that planet, looking for some help if Larfleeze, or The House of Tuath-Dan happen to return, send out a beacon to the Green Lantern Corps.  What they get I don't know if you can consider it help.  You figure it out yet?  Well it's G'Nort, the most worthless Lantern in the universe.  God I hate G'Nort.  Catch you next month where we see if Larfleeze makes my day and puts G'Nort out of his misery.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

While this series is a serious hit or miss with me, I've been enjoying the last couple of issues, and this issue is no exception.  We got the action, we got the funny, and I really mean we got the funny.  A page in this book actually made me laugh out loud.  So for you fans of orange out there get your Larfleeze while you still can, because it's ending in June, which is a shame because it seems to have finally found it's voice.


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