Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Earth 2 #22 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Tom Taylor
Art By: Nicola Scott, Trevor Scott
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: April 2, 2014

Training Montage

Don't Get Too Excited About The Cover
Last time we visited the war torn parallel world of  Earth 2, Superman was killing folks.  Yeah I know he does that here, but I still have to tell ya it happened.  Commander Khan of the World Army retreated to a new secret HQ on the Earth 2 home of the Amazons.  What's that called?  Well Amazonia of course.  There we were treated to a three way video call to the remaining heroes of Earth 2, and them coming up with a plan to save the world.  It's never fully discussed but I think they're putting all their bets on the new Kryptonian Val.  Hopefully he won't let us down.  For a bit of a downer though we also found out that Mister Terrific, Mister Miracle, and Terry Sloan are under Bedlam's mind control, and helping those devoted to Darkseid in creating a boom tube big enough to transport Earth to Apokolips.  Pretty grim stuff.  Let's see if this issue turns the tides of war.

Explain It!:

The issue begins the way I've wanted it to for awhile now.  Showing us what happened to the Green Lantern, Allen Scott.  It recaps what we saw before when Superman beat him about the face, but this time we see that in his time of need, the Green Lantern power left him, and when Steppenwolf was killed the energy that tore the world apart, incinerated Allen as well.  But don't fret just yet, after the smoke cleared the fire of the Earth returned to him, and we see Allen Scott reborn in the rubble that was left in the wake of Superman.  That's it for now on this world's Green Lantern,.  I feel a little robbed solely because of how much I want this character to prosper, and grow.  So let's move on, and see what the rest of the world is up to.

Back at the Batcave the remaining heroes sit around and try to decipher the nonsense coming out the now marbleless Dr. Fate.  They believe it's a prophecy pertaining to them, but making it out puts a lot of unneeded pressure on the people involved.  It's supposed to include Aqua Woman, Jimmy Olsen, Batman, Lois, Val, Hawkgirl, and someone else who's has to do with "Green", well we're one step ahead of the heroes, because we know that the keeper of the green fire of Earth 2 is back in action, and hopefully will make his presence known soon, because Superman has found some video surveillance, on who broke out the new Kryptonian Val, (Who we find out his full name is Val-Zod, but don't get suspicious just yet, Val says his parents were scientists, and hated violence.) and plans on making his way to Gotham to meet the most dangerous person, or who he believes to be the most dangerous person on the planet; Batman.  At this point I really wish Bruce were still alive, because Ole' Supes believes it's him, and Thomas Wayne will not stand a chance against this Kryptonian agent of Darkseid.

Elsewhere, Red Tornado Lois takes Val outside to soak in some rays, and get him jamming with the uber powers.  Right now he's not completely up to snuff with what he should be able to do, but it's about time for a flying lesson.  It's funny I can't even say it's a 180, from the Superman movie, but it's a bizarre homage to the original flick.  Lois flies Val into the sky, and they hold their arms out, and we see the makings of what could be a future Superman.  But it's slow going, because the boy seems to be a lot like me, and isn't very coordinated.  The flying lesson is cut short when the sky is darkened from the amount of Parademons coming our heroes way.  Hawkgirl and Lois hold them back as they try and give Val enough time to get away, but Superman is also with the horde of Parademons, and passes the heroes by to get to Val.  I was seriously waiting for another slaughter, but Superman belays his punch when Red Tornado flies down, and tells him she's Lois.  Really at this point, I think she's the only one who can get him to stop, that is if he believes her.  But if I was a comic book reviewer on Earth 2, you know just a regular schmuck, I wouldn't ever trust Superman again, and wouldn't want him on my planet.  So it looks like Supes is fucked no matter what.  At least in my opinion, we'll see what Taylor has up his sleeve to redeem, or abandon the once sweet farm boy from Kansas.  That's all for now, see you next month.

Bits and Pieces:

While the story didn't move worlds or change lives, it did deliver in letting these characters grow.  In a book this size, getting all the insight behind characters dreams, fears, and motivations can be a very difficult thing, especially in the short chaptered world of comics.  But Taylor takes his time, and makes you care about each, and just makes this world a wonderful, and interesting place to read about.  On top of all that fluffing, I'm happy as hell that we get to see my favorite hero of this world Green Lantern back, even if it was only a brief inclusion.  What I'm trying to say is, if you want a book that won't let you down you need to be reading Earth 2.  Before I end this I have one more fluff to hand out.  Nicola Scott is a goddess of art.  Okay that is all, pick up the book.


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