Friday, April 4, 2014

Top 5 Fridays: Badass Team-Ups We'd Like To See

For this inaugural Top 5 Fridays, I want to bring you something special.  Well something I came up with awhile ago, and sat on until now.  You know special.  This week we'll be looking at Team-Ups that we at Weird Science would love to see.  Now I'm not talking about an ongoing series, I just mean like a one-shot, or just a two part story arc, nothing spectacular just enough to wet my whistle with some awesomeness.  Just something fun where we can hang out at the water cooler, and talk about how two of our heroes had an unexpected adventure together.  That's what people do at water coolers right?  Come to think of it, when was the last time you saw a water cooler besides inside some sort of doctors office?  These are a lot of questions, but for now I only have the answers to Top 5 Badass Team-Ups We'd Like To See.  Enjoy.

#5:  The Rookie And The Rodent:
         Simon Baz and B'dg

I find it very strange the amount of flak I get when suggesting that Simon Baz take over the Green Lantern
series, since Hal has become the leader of the Green Lantern Corps.  I mean it only makes sense that since Lantern and Corps are so similar, why not consolidate.  Back when we were introduced to Simon Baz in Green Lantern #0, this strange new superhero to be caught my imagination, and made me want to see more of him.  Lucky for me we got a couple issues where Baz was the front runner of the series, and I think they were pretty fucking cool issues.  But after Hal returned from the dead, and Geoff Johns left the series, Baz was put on the back burner and relegated to a token Green Lantern in the Justice League of America series.  Now I wouldn't of minded this as much, but he didn't do shit in the series, and even that is ending now.  So for a mini series I'd like to see Simon finish his training with the veteran Lantern B'dg.  Kind of like a Luke Skywalker and Yoda, where dangerous wackiness ensues.  So where I might never get Simon Baz in his own title, I don't think it's too much to ask that we get him teamed up with our favorite squirrel looking Green Lantern, B'dg, and at least finish his training.  As long as he doesn't have to confront Vader, I think it would be a fun title.

#4:  Good Vibrations:
         Hawkman and Vibe

This team-up is a no-brainer for me.  While I know these two characters both had their own titles that were canceled, I think we could still get a decent amount of play out of the both of them.  Together, I think we could have a series that lasts the ages.  Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but man do I want to see these two together fighting the good fight, and making each other uncomfortable.  The scene in Justice League of America #2 where they have their first conversation, sold me on the whole series.  But sadly we didn't see a whole lot more of this kind of banter in the title, and that was a shame.  "You've got red on you", "It's alright it's not my blood",  Then Vibe scoots his chair away.  While this isn't a exact quote, it's close enough to get the gist.  This hilarious scene hit me so hard that I laughed for the rest of the day, and then the next day when I told people about it, who don't even read comics.  But now the title is ending, and just like Simon Baz's inclusion in the JLA, it seems that Hawkman, and Vibe were just background filler, and since Vibe isn't in the upcoming Justice League United title, I doubt we'll see these two together in the future.  I'm telling you, anyone who read JLA #2, and didn't laugh at the scene with these two, is either not a comic book fan, or they're dead inside.  Either way I think these two deserve a second chance at making us smile, and delighting us in the adventures they could get into together.  I'll keep wishing, but we'll probably get another Marvel Vs. DC before that happens.

#3:    Speedsters:
           Barry Allen and Jay Garrick

Let's take a page from the Silver Age of comics, and flip it on it's ear.  Back when these two first met in the old continuity, we had young Barry Allen meeting his comic book hero from Earth 2, the seasoned mentor figure Jay Garrick.  So for this time around let's have these two meet, but this time Barry is the mentor to a young Jay.  Speed Force, or powers of Mercury, it doesn't matter because these two could sonic boom us into a awesome team-up book that would leave all other heroes in the dust.  I don't want to hear "But Eric how are these two supposed to meet?  Jay's from Earth 2.  Well I know that, but we're living in a New 52 universe where characters are breaking down the multiverse and hanging out all the time.  Batman, Superman, Huntress, and Power Girl are hanging out right now, and Earth Prime's Mister Terrific is helping to fight off the Superman menace in Earth 2 right now.  So the walls are breached, and these two Flash's are ripe to hang out and begin the Flash family of heroes.

#2:   Beware The Green:
           Allan Scott and Swamp Thing

For #2 I'm going to grab another fine member of the Earth 2 Universe, because this one is really interesting to me.  As most of us know in the normal Earth Prime universe, Swamp Thing is the avatar of The Green, which connects him with all botanical life on Earth.  But on Earth 2, The Green is in the form of the Green Living Fire of Earth, which bestowed it's powers on a injured Allan Scott, who used these powers to become The Green Lantern.  I'm really curious to see how each of these character's powers would work on the opposite Earth.  The original Allan Scott's power ring had the vulnerability where it couldn't affect wood, and now that the character is associated with The Green, this makes a lot more sense in a way.  Yeah you'll tell me that since his power is from The Green he should totally be able to affect wood, but his powers while protective, are a destructive force, and why would The Green want him out there wrecking all the plant life with his living fire?  It could go either way, because not a lot is known about the character yet, but if he were to team up with Swamp Thing, the two could explore their powers together, compare/contrast the universal divide from where their power's spring.  This just seems like a lot of fun, and would love a chance to read this Team-Up.  But not as excited as I would be for.........

#1:  The Might Of Myth:
          Wonder Woman and Shazam

For our #1 pick, we'll stop hopping the border of the multiverse, and stick to something a little closer to home.  With our new origin for Wonder Woman, being the daughter of Zeus and all, it makes me curious about how a Themyscira warrior like Wonder Woman would act towards a hero with seemingly stolen power from the gods.  Now I'm not saying that the Wizard Shazam is untrustworthy, but do we really know where he got his powers, that he later bestowed on the young Billy Batson?  Poor kid is going to end up in Olympian Juvie Hall, for receiving stolen merchandise.  I just think that if Shazam doesn't get his own title after Forever Evil ends, why not pair him up with Wonder Woman, so the kid could understand his powers, and maybe learn to fight with more than a smashy smashy attitude.  Hell with all this talk about his power, wouldn't it be cool, and understandable if the Gods got involved, and wanted to know more about the Mightiest Mortal, and his power set?  This story pretty much writes itself.  Now I know everybody who thinks about a Team-Up with Shazam immediately thinks about Superman, because of their similarities, and because it's always hilarious to see these two go blow for blow.  But that works itself into the story as well, since Superman and Wonder Woman are in a relationship now, and Supes totally seems like the jealous type.  So DC get to work, and make my dreams come true, or call me and I'll take the reigns for this set of stories.

That's it for now, I hope you enjoyed the first official Top 5 Friday, and hope to see you back in the future.  Till Then have a wonderful weekend, and stay out of Gotham, it's way too dangerous for the likes of you.  Boosh!

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  1. Nice ideas. I also want to see a Dick/Jason/Tim/Damien team up- that would be amazing.

    Since reading Talon's first volume, I wanted to see him team up with Nightwing- it seemed a natural choice, and I was disappointed that it never happened.