Friday, April 4, 2014

DC Comics Cancels The Final Two Issues Of Superman Unchained

Remember back in the day when Frank Miller, and Jim Lee were giving us All Star Batman and Robin?  I'm sure you remember because the series was never finished, and for a lot of you, there's a bit of contempt on the subject.  Let's relive history for a moment, only this time with The Man Of Steel.  The Superman Unchained series that debuted for Superman's 75th anniversary, and debuted hard with the hype train riding behind it, was cut short, and was announced to only be a nine issue series.  If that wasn't disappointing enough, DC has announced today that the final two issues have been put on hold, and may be put out at some future date.  But like All Star Batman and Robin, I wouldn't hold your breath.  So for us this means that Superman Unchained with end with issue seven, and we'll be left with an incomplete story, and wondering why we ever got excited about this title in the first place.  (which I always thought should of been called "The Man of Steel, to go with the release of last summer's Man of Steel movie, but that's just me.)  So for all you Superman fans who were hoping for finally having a decent Superman title, all I can tell you is that Action Comics is still good, and Superman is getting better, and we should be thankful for what we still have.  I guess that's all we can do.  Maybe next year we'll all get lucky and DC will put out the final issues of All Star Batman and Robin, and Superman Unchained, and we'll all have our confidence in our favorite publisher restored.  Or not, and we'll keep reading anyway.

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