Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Adventures of Superman #50 Review

Written by: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art by: Valentine De Landro
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: April 7, 2014

Mystery Box

Kelly Sue DeConnick gives a a weird little Superman and Lois story.  Not weird because of the story itself, but weird because of the timing.  It's a Valentine's Day story in the beginning of April.  Whaaaat?  Also, it's penciled by Valentine De Landro.  Valentine.  It's like the stars and planets aligned for this one...except the timing.  Guess what, kiddies?  It was a very good issue.

Superman is having some luck with the ladies recently.  In this issue, Lois Lane is Superman's special lady. In a story reminiscent of the Justice League Unlimited  episode "The Man Who has Everything", Lois Lane has given Supes an early Valentines Day Gift.  The rest of the issue features Superman asking his Friends (of the Super variety) if they know what the gift is and what he should get Lois in return.

Kelly Sue DeConnick gives readers a funny trip through the Justice League.  Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are all here and each one is great.  Batman is gloomy and sarcastic, Wonder Woman is brutal and Aquaman is his at his silver-agey best.  Outrageous!

Lois Lane, however, steals the show.  I'm not really sure what the hell she was doing at the beginning, but DeConnick writes her just the way I like her.  Smart, sassy and a step ahead of the Man of Steel, even if she is always late.  With the story ending, gifts are exchanged and they show just how much Lois and Clark know and care for each other.

I'm not sure why this issue didn't come out on Valentine's Day, but I'm glad we got it late or not.  It's a fun little story that points out that writers don't have to make Superman punch things or throw them into the Sun to make a good Superman issue.

I wish I was more of a fan of Valentine De Landro's art.  It's not very detailed and I didn't think it fit the story as well as it should have.

Bits and Pieces:

It's Valentine's Day in April.  Kelly Sue DeConnick gives readers a funny little tale that is belated, but good. I wish Valentine De Landro's art fit the story better, but I'll give DC credit for having Valentine on a Valentine story.  


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