Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Teen Titans Cancelled........Teen Titans Relaunched In July!

Even though our favorite teen superheroes are cancelled, and only have a issue and an annual left, don't let that bum you out too much.  Current writer for Red Hood and The Outlaws Will Pfeifer has just been announced to be the writer behind the relaunch of Teen Titans in July.  The artist to complete this creative team, has also been announced to be the ever
talented Superman family artist;
Kenneth Rocafort.  The first shake up of the title will be in the new roster.  Well remaining roster from what we had before.  Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Bunker, and Beast Boy.  So not a huge change, but we can officially call Beast Boy a Teen Titan of the New 52.  It seemed like even though he was with the team before this, they just completely gave him the Chewbacca treatment.  You know no medal and all.  But if this title is simply picking up where the last issue of Teen Titans leaves off, I don't really understand the point of actually relaunching it as a #1.  Unless it's all about getting people to buy a first issue.  I guess there's the possibility that more people will try to read it, because they feel they don't have to catch up, but that's weak sauce.  But all in all we get to keep our Titans, and that makes me a very happy man-child.


  1. So I guess no New Titans. Im sad now!! Or will there be...??

  2. No new members, but I trust Will Pfeiffer to give us some great new stories.