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Weird Science DC Comics News: Week of April 2, 2014 Edition

Hi everyone, I am trying to buck my lazy trend and put together another news column.  Two weeks in a row, who could have predicted that?  So, what has happened this week?  On a personal note, my car got totaled at 3 am Saturday morning...while it was parked outside my house.  Yes, PARKED.  The girl driving wasn't seriously injured, but my car is gone, I have no way to get anywhere and the rental car place the insurance said to use is closed on the weekends.  How can a rental car place be closed on the weekend?  That seems so ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous, here are some crazy stories hitting the intranets this week.  Jeremy Piven's girlfriend attacked her secret husband.  I thought mercury poisoning was the worst of his troubles. Mase's divorce is
on, Donald Trump can't afford the Buffalo Bills and the Chupacabra mystery rages on.  However, the greatest, most stupendous, crazy awesome news of the week is Richard Donner dropped the bomb that a Goonies sequel is on like Long Duk Dong.  He dropped a bomb, indeed...cue the video.

If everyone is done dancing and admiring the urban Crocodile Dundee look the Gap Band was rocking...

On With The News:

More Castings for Batman vs Superman

Not to be outdone by the ten million actors and actresses cast in The Flash and Gotham, it was announced this week that Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey and Tao Okamoto would be in next years Batman vs Superman. Everyone knows Hunter from The Piano, Okamoto from The Wolverine and Mulvey as Bogdan Drazic on Heartbreak High, the Australian show that tackled such issues as homelessness and drugs.  It was no Fifteen, but nothing will ever replace Fifteen in my heart.

DC reveals Bruce Timm Images

As part of the Batman's 75th Anniversary extravaganza, DC announced that Bruce Timm would be back to make an animated short titled, Batman: Strange Days.  It will air on DC Nation on Wednesday April 9th following Teen Titans Go! and features the Dark Knight and Hugo Strange.  Here are some of the images released by DC:

New Teen Titans and Grayson?
Grayson County Courthouse

Bleeding Cool dropped what was one of the coolest bits of sleuthing I've read since the Hardy Boys and the Bombay Boomerang.  It seems a guy with a subscription to Teen Titans and Nightwing called DC asking what would happen to his subs after the two books ended.  Well, someone at customer service (who may or may not be fired) told him they would transfer to New Teen Titans and Grayson.  New Teen Titans seems pretty straight forward, but I'm more interested in Grayson.  My bet is it's a Young Adult book featuring Freshman at Grayson College that still will not be better than Ryan Reynold's best show, Fifteen.

Did Buccellato and Manapul debut new Robin?

DC is hinting that Anna Aguila, the dirt bike riding hellion from Detective Comics #30 is in the running to be the new Robin.  Eric reviewed the issue here and when I asked him about Anna being the new Robin he had no comment.  He was too busy working on his new, "Boy: a Phantasm 2 Blog" I told him that might be too specific a subject for a blog, but he never listens to me.

Picks of the Week:

Batwing #30  9/10  Luke battles through the Gotham Underground and the body count rises.

Stormwatch #30  9.5/10 Sterling Gates and Jeremy Roberts make the last issue the best in a long, long time.

Earth 2 #22  9.0/10 Green Lantern is back and Tom Taylor makes us care more about his characters.

Well, that's it for this week.  This weeks assignment is to watch as many episodes of Fifteen as you can and you will be quizzed.  First question, What instrument did Billy (Ryan Reynolds) play?

Another Week, Another News, Phantom93....out!

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