Friday, April 11, 2014

Top 5 Fridays: Teen Heroes That Should Be In The Teen Titans Relaunch

To keep things topical, this week's Top 5 has to do with the relaunch of Teen Titans in July.  The news came out this week that Will Pfeifer, and Kenneth Rocofort will be the creative team behind this relaunch, and I couldn't be happier.  Pfeifer has come out and said that this team will consist of Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Beast Boy, and Bunker.  You know pretty much everyone who was left over from the last team.  So for this week I figured we take a look at the Top 5 characters Weird Science wants to see in the relaunch of Teen Titans.  Now I'm not saying all these characters should become a part of the Titans at one time, I'm just saying that if one character were to join the roster, this is who I'd like it to be in order of importance to Jim and me, but mostly me.  So let's get on with Top 5 Fridays: Teen Heroes That Should Be In The Teen Titans Relaunch.

#5:   Miss Martian

Who doesn't love M'gann M'orzz?  This martian hottie jumped off the pages, or for most of you the TV screen and right into our hearts.  Besides for a brief cameo in a photograph this young hero has yet to make her splash into the New 52, and that's a goddamn shame.  With her unassuming green girl next door looks, and power set, she would make one of the most formidable Titans on the roster.  The hell with Superboy, and his TK powers, this petite powerhouse dwarfs him with her Martian badassery.  Now while her catchphrase on Young Justice "Hello Megan!" seemed to grate against your brain like..........  Well like someone put a knife completely through your brain, then used the edge that was sticking out to scrape against a chalk board, she still captured our hearts and deserves a place in the New 52 and in the Teen Titans.  But leave the catchphrases on Mars.

#4:   Vibe

True story, A week before DC announced that Vibe was making his debut in the New 52 with his own title, I was holding court at my local comic book shop, and pulling out old issues of the JLA to rag on the worst character that ever graced the pages of DC Comics.  That character of course was Vibe, and a week later when the news was dropped that he was making his return to the DCU, I was flabbergasted.  Not only would he return, but Geoff Johns said that he would be one of the most powerful characters in the New 52.  It had to be a joke, how could the break dancing Paco Ramone be that powerful, lead his own book while also being in the JLA?  Well there are two simple answers for that.   It wasn't Paco Ramone, and they made him a badass.  No more silliness with the dancing, and the ultra deep V costume, just a kid with dimensional vibration powers trying to make sense of the world as a superhero.  In the JLA he started out strong, but was soon overshadowed by other characters, and for his own title, well sadly the numbers weren't there to keep his adventures going.  Now I started out saying how I was ragging on Vibe big time, and I have for years, but this re-imagining for the character really caught my attention, and before I knew it I was a fan boy for this Vibe; Cisco Ramone.  So we have a wayward teenage superhero out there with no team to call his own, what are we to do?  Well it seems clear that Cisco needs to be in the New Teen Titans.  Pretty simple.

#3:   Static Shock

What can I say about Static and his short lived title?  Well for one thing I can say that the ending was fucking awful.  Instead of a decent send off we're giving a story about Static reflecting on his life, and in the end he runs outside with his friends claiming that they can do anything.  If that's the case then why haven't we seen Static since?  We have a super powered teen with a dysfunctional home life, how does this not lead to being a part of the Teen Titans?  This is the kind of shit that Red Robin would eat up for future recruits.  So while Virgil Hawkins was given a shitty ending to his title, let's see a better beginning for his future.  At the very least now that Jon Lane Kent is at the New York Star Labs we should see a Superboy Static Shock issue.  But lets go for gusto and see this character in a team title.  We miss you Static.

#2:   Spoiler

Well the interwebs have been a buzz since Stephanie Brown's debut in Batman #28 which was only a glimpse of her future in Batman: Eternal.  Now Spoiler is synonymous with Tim Drake at least in my eyes, so how can we not have this character in Teen Titans?  It fits perfectly with the whole highschool teen drama that the kids seem to do, to introduce a new love interest for Red Robin now that he's professed his feelings for Wonder Girl.  Perfect love triangle.  I know people are rolling their eyes at the idea, but come on these characters are supposed to be real people.  It's not to far fetched that another girl can come around and turn a few eyes and hearts.  It's teenagers 101, they're emotional and don't really know what they want.  But being the grown ass man child I am I know what I want, and it's to have Spoiler join the cast of the Titans and shake things up for Red Robin, especially since he's been written pretty emotionless for a long time now.  So with Spoiler thrown out there that means we have only one choice left, and the character Weird Science would most like to see in the Teen Titans relaunch is..........

#1:   Blue Beetle

Where in the universe is Jaime Reyes?  I really need to know, because I love the Blue Beetle, and thought his series while not groundbreaking was a lot of fun.  We last saw the Blue Beetle being teleported by OMAC to the middle of the universe where he joined a Reach resistance with another Reach warrior who had also gained control over his scarab, and then became a part of the universally acclaimed Running Man ripoff show "The Hunted" when he joined as a bonus character in the short lived title; Threshold.  Well that series ended, and Blue Beetle was supposed to be simply teleported back home, but I haven't seen any sign of him since.  To add to this sad story, the later half of his series Jaime simply wanted a hero to help him understand his powers, and when Booster Gold brought him into the Justice League International fold, he was finally relieved that he would be around people like him, and finally get control of his powers.  That lasted a whole ten minutes before OMAC went insane and sent him away.  I mean WTF?  Can we please just get the Beetle home so his parents at least know he's alive, and then have the Titans come to his aid?  I know comics are a constant story, but I really want to see Blue Beetle get some peace, and finally catch a break in the New 52, and I don't see any reason why that break can't be in the form of the Teen Titans.

So these are our choices of possible members we'd like to see join the Teen Titans in July.  Think you have better choices for the list let us know.  I never get tired of talking about the Teen Titans, and can't wait to see where Will Pfiefer takes our young heroes in the future.  Have a wonderful weekend, and see you in seven.  Boosh!

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