Saturday, May 17, 2014

Batman Eternal #6 Review

Written by: Ray Fawkes
Art by: Trevor McCarthy
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: May 14, 2014

Resolution Denied

Alright, the sixth issue of Batman Eternal is here and by now we should be getting some resolution.  Jim Gordon in Jail, The Roman's mounting War with the Penguin, Spoiler's crazy Family, Nanobots...give me something here.  Nope.  This issue we get Batwing.

Ray Fawkes takes over this week and it starts off great.  Granted, I'm a huge Batwing and Gentleman Ghost fan and this issue starts with...I'm sure you can guess.  Luke Fox gets his introduction to the ghostly part of Gotham and I can only hope it carries on to his own book.  It's great, if not too quick.  However, with Ray Fawkes writing you know there will be more mystical elements to follow.

The mounting gang war is keeping Batman busy, so he assigns Batwing to help Jim Coorigan investigate a disturbance at Arkham Asylum.  Yes, Jim Coorigan, aka The Spectre.  This book is really getting crowded and before you can blink an eye, another character is introduced.  She is a major part of the Arkham problem and I hate her.  I hate her right down to her rotting face.

Meanwhile, Batman is busy tailing a Falcone truck.  Alright, Batman is on to something.  That is until Dr. Phosphorous blows it up.  The end.  Hmmm.

Another issue and more open plot threads.  I know this book is around for the long haul, but is a coherent story too much to ask?  I really hope this book tightens up real quick.  It's not just the amount of threads, but the lack of buildup of each.

We also get a new artist this week.  It's Trevor McCarthy and it looks great.  I hope he at least sticks around for Fawkes story.

Bits and Pieces:

Batman Eternal #6 is more of the same.  Of course, that means a bunch of new characters and plot threads thrown onto the pile we already have.  To top that off, nothing gets resolved at all.  In fact, if you really look at this issue, not much really happens.  However, Trevor McCarthy makes it all look great so at least we get that.  I really want to like this book, but I'm losing patience.


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